riding in arrogance

A friend of mine gets really angry whenever he sees one of those recumbent bikes. It's not the bike usually, he says that there's just something so smug about the person who's riding it. I never really understood what he was talking about until today. I was out walking the R dog and there was another guy walking his dog towards me and this old guy on a recumbent bike was coming up behind him and the guy on the bike started dinging this bell, repeatedly, even though neither one of us was in his way. It kind of made me hate recumbent bike riders also. Or at least that particular one.


Dylan said...

Well fine then. Ding!

I think all people are irritating all the time - we just get so we can filter it out. Then something out of the ordinary catches our attention, and the filters fail...


d said...

i was wondering what you'd have to say about that.

yes, i agree, ALL people ARE annoying ALL the time.

people suck.