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I just finished reading the latest issue of Outside magazine and all I have to say is sweet baby Jesus. We're all gonna die. If not in the massive heat waves that will be bearing down on us tomorrow or the cataclysmic storms that will wreak havoc on the coastal lands then our waste-drenched water supply will poison us all. Or we'll all starve to death because there won't be any seafood or untainted vegetables and dairy left. I've never read anything more Doomsday-ie and dire. Except for maybe the End of Oil.

I consider myself environmentally aware. Not activist. No. I don't chain myself to trees, or throw myself in front of harpoons meant for whales. But, I do what I can. I follow the three R's. I try to live a fairly minimalist lifestyle, I ride my bike to work as much as possible, I recycle just about everything and if I can't recycle it, I try to reuse it until it dies, I eat as much organic, locally-grown food as my wallet can bear; you get the idea. Apparently, though, according to Outside, it's not enough.

This, I guess, is one of those cases where ignorance truly was bliss.

So, anyway, just wanted to say it was nice knowing all of you.


Kathleen Rietz said...

Yes, and all the honey bees are disappearing and the baby polar bears are drowning because they cannot swim from one floating ice patch to another because there are too few ice patches now. A very sad visual. It seriously makes me sick. And the frogs are disappearing, too.

Back to the honey bees...with no honey bees, we have no food. No need to expound...we all know the outcome.

Been nice knowing you, too. Take care. Enjoy your burritos while you can.


LSL said...

Hey, nice knowing you, too. And thanks for the very nice comments on my blog about my new job. I appreciate that you took the time to write that, and I'm going to reread it until it sticks!

d said...

kathleen: i just saw that story on the news the other day about the bees. it freaked me out. and then i tried not to think about it. it all kinda makes me feel hopeless and useless.

i'm gonna eat a lot of burritos.

LSL: definitely hang in there with the whole job thing. it's tough, but it will get better.

Kathleen Rietz said...

I had a dream last night that I saw one lone honeybee flying around the outside of my school. I usually flee from stinging creatures, but this time I just watched it out of reverence. So weird...I often include bee characters in my children's art. The are an elemental part of life itself. I do not think people realize, nor take seriously, the impact of their disappearing.

Do you remember where you saw the news story? I would like to see the story if you can tell me where you saw it. Thanks.

d said...

it was a story about local honey producers here in colorado. it was on Channel 7 (ABC). www.thedenverchannel.com

Kathleen Rietz said...