eating out is dangerous

You know how every town has The Best Burrito Place in the World? Well, ours in FC is Big City Burrito. Some people would disagree with me and say that it is La Luz, but I don't know, there's just something about Big City that makes it better. I think maybe it's the church basement atmosphere. Or the fact that they drag the tortillas across this white, dirty marble counter while your burrito is being assembled and you're never quite sure if maybe, just maybe you might get some botulism to go along with your burrito this time. It's probably both of those things combined that make it so attractive. It's sorta like you're taking your life into your own hands every time you step through the door.

I used to make a point of eating there once a week, but lately, because I've been so busy at work I've only been able to go about once a month. I think that the body tends to build up a little tolerance because when I would eat there more often, The Aftermath wasn't so bad, but lately the past two or three times I've gone there, The Aftermath hits the moment I get back to the office. Don't worry, I'm not going to describe it in graphic detail. I'll just say that you still kind of feel the effects of a Big City Burrito a couple of days after you ingested it.

It doesn't deter us from going there though. It's that whole pleasure wrapped up in a little bit of pain thing.

Oh. And I'm really mad that Florida won last night. I couldn't watch any more after the first half was done. It was pissing me off too much. A disappointing end to an overall disappointing tournament. Not that they ever go the way I want them to, but this one just kinda sucked in general. No Cinderella teams. No really major upsets. A number one seed won the whole thing. Blah.

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