a banner day

I have no idea who this guy is, but I thought the picture might turn out kinda cool when I took it. Turns out it wasn't as good as it looked through the viewfinder.

Today Dylan and I headed down to St Vrain Canyon, not to be confused with South St Vrain Canyon which is where I thought we were headed. It's still just outside of Lyons only more south than South St Vrain. I know. It's confusing to me as well. Try not to think about it too much, your brain will explode.

We started off the day with an extremely scary rappel. At least, it was terrifying to me—Dylan didn't seem to care all that much. But we had to rappel, or at least we thought we had to, in order to get to the base of the climb—the only little bench that wasn't covered by a foot of water. So, yes, we rappeled down, just to climb back up it again. It was a 5.10d (yes. d.) called Introducing Meteor Dad. It took me two tries and I had to batman twice, but I made it up it. I can't really count it though because I cheated.

It was Dylan's idea that we go ahead and wade around the corner to get back to the trail instead of walking back the way we'd come, but then he decided he was going to rappel from another set of anchors on the other side. So, yeah, I ended up getting wet and he got to rappel down Pooh Corner. I was a lot more successful on this one, probably because it was a 5.8 and didn't have any moves on it that scared the crap out of me.

I pulled something in the same shoulder as last weekend, so after Pooh, I was done, but Dylan wanted to look another crag at the mouth of the canyon, so we headed down so he could try a 5.9+/10.a slab. After that, it looked like rain, so we headed home.

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