3 bands, 3 and half hours, ten dollars

"We're either two of the hippest, coolest people alive on the planet, or we're the unhippest, uncoolest people alive on the planet."

"Seriously, there're like 20 people here."

"I know. It's totally awesome."

Last night Assistant Boss and I went down to The Bluebird to see the Trifecta: Stars of Track and Field, The Broken West and The Long Winters. For $10. It's rare that I know all of the bands playing a gig, and even rarer that when I do, they're all pretty good.

It was a pretty straight up rock 'n roll show. Stars of Track and Field opened. I still can't figure out why they (maybe?) named their band after a Belle and Sebastian song. Maybe because I'm pretty sure they all met each other at a Portland gay bar, or that they sport fake British accents, or that they like to wear ascots. Or maybe it's a 'chicken or egg' kind of thing?

Then the stand out of the entire night, The Broken West came out to blow us away with their Matthew Sweet style of songifying. I've owned their album since it came out in January and I was always a little on the tepid side about it, but man, after seeing them play live, I have to say, 'they kick it.' They easily topped the other two performances and I'm not really sure why. Exactly. I guess they just really seemed to enjoy being up there.

The Long Winters finished up the night and while I really, really like the two albums of theirs I've heard, watching them play live made me feel a little uncomfortable. Mainly because the lead singer made me imagine a college English professor who stood up one day in the middle of his lecture and said, 'Alright now boys and girls we're gonna tear this motherfucker down.' Awkward and kind of embarrassing. Although at one point, he asked for requests and Assistant Boss yelled out 'Purple Rain!' and he said, 'Yes. Purple Rain. We're not gonna just play the song, but the entire album. That was pretty funny.

It was a great night though. Three good bands (one of them outstanding) and for once the venue didn't feel like Imelda Marcos' shoe closet and did I say it only cost $10? $10!

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