yeah? what else did you expect me to talk about?

Once again, they did not show the KU game tonight. I got the first few minutes when the 'Hawks were putting up a lot of bricks and not really able to hit anything, and then they switched over to the Texas game. Which looks like it was a more exciting matchup than the KU v Niagra one.

Can you believe that final score of the Tennessee game? What is this, the NBA? I don't think I've seen a score like that ever in a college game. At least not that I can remember.

How bad do we all feel for Illinois? Man. Not only does their loss screw my bracket, but they. were. so. close. And to fight that hard and lose by two. My heart broke a little for them.

I'm really not sad that Arizona lost, even though that also hoses my bracket even further.

So, my heart is beating a little slower now that the 'Hawks have survived the first round. Something we haven't done in three years. Hopefully, they'll show Sunday's KU game out here in 'rado.

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