whoo hoo

I didn't get to watch the final game of the season yesterday. Apparently because I'm an idiot. I looked at ESPN, which was showing the Wisconsin v Michigan St game, and ESPN2, which was showing the one thing I will never consider a 'sport'—NASCAR, but I completely forgot about CBS. Which I guess had the KU v Texas game on. Derek reminded me that CBS actually does show some games every now and then.

It looks like it was a fantastic game though. With the 'Hawks down at the half by 14 and then coming back to win by four? Awesome. And, winning the Big 12 title outright. The first time for Bill Self. I just hope that they can continue to play like they have been lately when they enter The Big Dance. 'Cause as every basketball fan knows, KU is the chokingest team of all time when it comes to the tourney. Only two more weeks to go!

In other news, I was supposed to go climbing down in Golden today, but I woke up feeling a little oogy. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm blaming the combination of the beer I had last night at Pat and Derek's and the Sleepy Time I took before I went to bed.

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