well THAT sucked

Watching the first half of the UCLA v Florida game reminded me of all the hours I spent as a kid playing Battleship. Sometimes you could sink the other guys' ships in record time and other times it seemed like you'd call out every single coordinate and not hit a single thing. Whoever said, 'Sometimes the best offense is a good defense' never saw UCLA play against Florida. Playing against the 'Hawks must've contaminated their playing ability, 'cause they're shooting like we did agianst them.

So Ohio State is definitely in the Championship game and even though there are 12 minutes left in the second half, it looks like Florida's probably going to make it also. Ugh. UCLA is playing great defense, or at least they did in the first half, but they couldn't sink my battleship even if they already had three pegs in.

I couldn't watch Slaugherfest 2007 anymore, so I switched the channel. I kinda don't think I'll even watch the Championship game, 'cause I really don't want to see Billy Donovan's smug face when he wins. Again. Talk about a pact made with the devil.

And I was really hoping that Georgetown was gonna take it all.

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