well. so it goes.

Well, yet another day of No Upsets. But A LOT of Disappointments. Although Butler sure gave Florida and The Tranny way more of a fight than I thought they would. And Vandy only lost by one point to GTown. That was a pretty great game.

I almost couldn't bring myself to watch the UNC game. But I figure that you need to know the enemy, right? I am so absoulutely sick and tired of hearing the announcers talk about that UNC kid's Broken Nose and the Face Mask He Won't Wear. Because he is the Second Coming. Apparently. He's annoying is what he is. And I want to kick him in the nuts. He has a broken nose people, it's not like he's playing with a prosthetic limb. It's the equivalent of playing with an upset tummy. Let's all agree as a country to move on from this tragedy and just get over it already. K? K.

Now that neither one of my dreams came true and Florida and UNC are still in it, I guess I'll just have to keep watching in the hopes that I get to see their respective defeats someday. Soon. Before KU has to face either one of them.

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