tv on the radio

Last night I went down to Denver to see TV on the Radio play at the Ogden Theater. Without the entourage, I made it in plenty of time to stake out what I thought was a good spot before the opening band even came out on the stage. I'm not really sure what to say about the opening band, Subtle. They started off the first song with one of the members 'playing' his beer bottle. And then he picked up a flute. I haven't seen too many rock bands that have a flute player on staff. They also had a pretty amazing cellist and the music itself would've been pretty great if only they would've left out the vocals. 'Cause he turned their act into a freaky hybrid of rap and performance art. At one point he started whisper/singing to this weird stripe-painted statue they had sitting in the middle of the stage. Frankly, it made me a little uncomfortable.

But my discomfort quickly dissipated when TVOTR came out to play. They were simply amazing. Probably one of the best performances I've seen in the past eight months or so. Full of energy and very electric. The lead singer jumped around and danced the entire set. He has to go to bed exhausted every night. They played a good mix of old and new and about halfway through their set the moment I had been waiting anxiously for happened when they played my favorite song of theirs, 'Dirtywhirl.' I could've died a happy man right then and there. The only downside is that the venue was packed. And I mean packed. I now understand what sardines feel like. And, apparently, fans of TVOTR hail from The Land of Insanely Tall Drunken Idiots because even though I was on the second riser about a foot above the riser in front of me, there were still a bunch of really tall people in front of me obscuring the view.

It was a fantastic show regardless and judging by how much the crowd was jumping up and down, everyone there would agree with me.

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