ku v texas. omg.

That was truly an amazing game. One of the best I've ever watched. It helps that we won. In OT. But, to come back from a 20-point deficit in the first half of the first half to win by 4 in the first-ever overtime in Big 12 Championship Tourney history? Awesome. Really. This year's crop of KU kids definitely have the talent, now let's just hope they don't repeat history by choking in the first or second round.

That Durant kid is just jaw dropping to watch, 37 points in one game? It makes me wonder what Texas would be like if they actually had some other decent players.

I also loved how pro-Big 12 the announcers were today. They were right though, the nation as a whole really underrates our conference. Which was tougher this year than anyone gives it credit for.

I can't believe that Florida got a number one seed over Georgetown and that Arkansas got in over NC State or Florida State or K-State, but overall it looks like the bracket pickers made good choices.

Ok. Everyone get your brackets filled out. Good luck with your picks. Of course, I have KU going all the way. I have to.

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