it doesn't get any better than this

I just returned home from dinner with Ann at Enzio's (a little, nice Italian restaurant in ol' downtown F.C.) where I had some beer and therefore am feeling a little drunk, but I still have some things to say (sorry if this doesn't make any sense):

1) Let's all pause for a moment and give a little shoutout to Coach Bill Self who won his 100th game with KU today. I can't believe he's been there long enough to win 100 games. Seems like just yesterday that we were all cursing HWSNBN for deserting us for darker pastures.

2) NC State is tearing up the ACC Championship tourney. They just beat WVU. They're not even ranked. I think this is what one would call a 'cinderella team'.

3) Unfortunately, Florida looked really good against Georgia. Dammit. The way they've been playing, I was sort of hoping they wouldn't even get into the NIT. Ok, ok. I know that's a ridiculous, unfounded wish, but it's college bball—weirder things have happened. Right?

4) And OK St beat Texas A&M. Holy crap. Only by one point, but still. They've been sucking it hard lately. And A&M hasn't. Kinda brought a little tear to my eye.

I love bball.

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