i'm retreating right out the door.

Today I got the joy and honour of spending six hours at The Company Retreat That Will Save the World where the only things that were learned were that I and one of the other designers are really, noticeably superfluous to this company—good, truly, for only being minions (this despite the fact that combined we have more experience than anyone else in the room other than the owner), and that our print production manager really, really, really hates the software we use in place of paper job jackets.

Yeah. It was productive I tell ya. This day, more than any other, has helped me to finally decide that it is way past time for Corporate America and I to go our separate ways. I'm ready to admit that I need to go back to school, suffer financially for a couple of years and get my life on the right track.

I think the thing I hated the most about today was that I was without the internets for six. whole. hours. It was Painful. And kinda gave me the shakes. And the cold sweats.

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