i did it

I know this means absolutely nothing to most of you people who stumble across this blog, or even, for that matter, those of you who keep coming back willingly for some reason I can't fathom, but last night at the gym I successfully completed leading a 5.10 climb. Up to this point I've pretty much stuck to 5.8s and 5.7s with the occasional 5.9 thrown in when I was feeling crazy and adventurous.

Anyway, I completed the climb with only one hang when I was nearly at the top because I really over gripped on the previous sections of the climb and my arms finally gave out before I could finish. But it was still pretty exhilarating. Scary? Yes. But still exhilarating.

There was this time in 6th grade, or 5th, I can't remember, when my teacher picked my essay to go on to some national competition or something and I had to read it out loud in front of my class. Last night felt kinda like that.

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Dylan said...

Congrats! These progressions are one of the joys of climbing :)