i can't stop laughing.

So we just finished getting all of the stuff ready for a client presentation that I swear to god we didn't even start until Tuesday. And, somehow, we pulled it off. And the stuff is kinda ok.

Anyway, since I haven't done anything but work all week, I thought I would take this time while Boss and Assistant Boss are at the meeting to, you know, blog. Just 'cause I can. Not 'cause I have anything important to say.

Oh, but wait. This. Have you seen this? This has to be the best. thing. ever. Since automatic paper towel dispensers were invented and mass produced. It coulda been a complete disaster (I'm still afraid of seeing what they've done to 'This American Life' now that it's a show on Showtime.), but thankfully, it's just plain hilarious. Especially the one about the guy who loses his $840k-a-year job to a Mexican immigrant.

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