four legs make you crazy. apparently.

While working from home this week was Totally Awesome for the most part, there was one thing that was kind of annoying. That would be the R-dog. She behaves entirely differently when I'm home during the week. In and out and in and out of the doggie door. Barking at everything that moves. Running up and down the stairs. Bringing sticks into the house to shred all over the living room floor even though I've yelled at her for it at least twenty times.

Maybe it's because Gus is staying with us while Nikki is out of town, or maybe it's because I'm home when I'm usually not, or maybe it's because it's finally nice outside and she's tired of having been cooped up inside all winter, but whatever it was, I'm almost really glad to be going back to work tomorrow just to get some peace.

Dang that dog can be obnoxious.

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