big 12 tourney news

Did anyone get to see the Baylor v Texas game yesterday? 'Cause I didn't. Damn you ESPN and your hatred of the Big 12. Anyway, the first half at least looked very interesting. Who knew Baylor was gonna do that? I'm kinda sad they lost. Mostly because that means we have to probably play Texas in the Championship game.

Although, who knows? Who knew Ok St. was gonna only be 3 points behind with 8 minutes left in the 2nd half?

The KU v KSU game was way more exciting than I wanted it to be also. KSU has come a long way since even last year. I hope they get to go to the Big Dance, they deserve it after the way they played today. I think next year they're gonna be a contender.

Have I said how much I love bball?

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