well THAT sucked

Watching the first half of the UCLA v Florida game reminded me of all the hours I spent as a kid playing Battleship. Sometimes you could sink the other guys' ships in record time and other times it seemed like you'd call out every single coordinate and not hit a single thing. Whoever said, 'Sometimes the best offense is a good defense' never saw UCLA play against Florida. Playing against the 'Hawks must've contaminated their playing ability, 'cause they're shooting like we did agianst them.

So Ohio State is definitely in the Championship game and even though there are 12 minutes left in the second half, it looks like Florida's probably going to make it also. Ugh. UCLA is playing great defense, or at least they did in the first half, but they couldn't sink my battleship even if they already had three pegs in.

I couldn't watch Slaugherfest 2007 anymore, so I switched the channel. I kinda don't think I'll even watch the Championship game, 'cause I really don't want to see Billy Donovan's smug face when he wins. Again. Talk about a pact made with the devil.

And I was really hoping that Georgetown was gonna take it all.


just call me super mario brother

Every single time I get on my bike I think to myself, 'Ok. You don't have to go mach speed. You don't have to arrive at home/work apoplectic, sweaty and gasping for air. Really. You don't. How 'bout you have a nice leisurely ride this time. Enjoy the scenery.'

Then I see a fellow biker up ahead and I have to try to catch up with him/her and see if I can pass them. Or, I pull up to an intersection and have to race the cars to the 'finish line.' Or I have to make it to the intersection before the light changes to red.

I end up arriving at my destination all sweaty and gasping for air.

i can't stop laughing.

So we just finished getting all of the stuff ready for a client presentation that I swear to god we didn't even start until Tuesday. And, somehow, we pulled it off. And the stuff is kinda ok.

Anyway, since I haven't done anything but work all week, I thought I would take this time while Boss and Assistant Boss are at the meeting to, you know, blog. Just 'cause I can. Not 'cause I have anything important to say.

Oh, but wait. This. Have you seen this? This has to be the best. thing. ever. Since automatic paper towel dispensers were invented and mass produced. It coulda been a complete disaster (I'm still afraid of seeing what they've done to 'This American Life' now that it's a show on Showtime.), but thankfully, it's just plain hilarious. Especially the one about the guy who loses his $840k-a-year job to a Mexican immigrant.


i did it

I know this means absolutely nothing to most of you people who stumble across this blog, or even, for that matter, those of you who keep coming back willingly for some reason I can't fathom, but last night at the gym I successfully completed leading a 5.10 climb. Up to this point I've pretty much stuck to 5.8s and 5.7s with the occasional 5.9 thrown in when I was feeling crazy and adventurous.

Anyway, I completed the climb with only one hang when I was nearly at the top because I really over gripped on the previous sections of the climb and my arms finally gave out before I could finish. But it was still pretty exhilarating. Scary? Yes. But still exhilarating.

There was this time in 6th grade, or 5th, I can't remember, when my teacher picked my essay to go on to some national competition or something and I had to read it out loud in front of my class. Last night felt kinda like that.


even better than that jetpack i always wanted

They're tearing up the street in front of my place of employment. And with apparently no rhyme or reason. They stake out a square of concrete, tear it up and then replace it with fresh concrete. You'd think instead of just randomly picking the sections like they seem to be doing, they'd rip it up from one end to the other. Seems like it wouldn't take as long. But maybe that's what they're going for?

Anyway, we decided the other day that it would kick ass to have one of the Bobcats. They're sorta like having a turbo-charged golf cart. They can spin around like a top on crack and you can buy all of these different attachments to go on the front. Just like a vacuum cleaner. So far I've seen a bulldozer attachment, a shovel attachment and a jackhammer. Man. I really want that jackhammer one. Just think about it. If one of your neighbors started being really annoying, you could drive the Bobcat over to his house at 3a and rip a huge hole in his driveway. Then spin around really fast and zip back over to your house before he came out the front door.

Just make sure you get a couple of other people on your block to buy a Bobcat also. That way he won't know which one of you tore up his property.


Every single inch of my body is sore. Sore. Did I say sore? And, I want nothing more than to crawl underneath my desk and sleep for the next several days. Even the shower hurt this morning. And I found several new scrapes and bruises of which I was unaware last night. I think I paid for my ticket and then some.

I'm gonna go down to the Co-op and buy some organic pop-tarts. Or toaster pastries as I believe they're called. See if that makes my morning any shinier.

Happy Monday everyone.


i paid for my ticket

Today was the day. It was time. It had to happen sooner or later and thankfully it happened today. No. No. Silly. It wasn't the day that W finally got called to the mat for all of his transgressions. If only. Nor was it the day that someone figured out how to permanently power down the Cheneybot and put us all out of our collective misery. No. Nothing so grandiose, but still it was pretty grand. I got to climb outside for the first time this year. It was glorious.

Dylan, Ann and I plus their friends Kate and Mark and their friends Rachel and JD made our way down to Eldorado Canyon, right south of Boulder. Besides the fact that it was more crowded than the line at Furr's Cafeteria at 4pm, it was perfect. We started off on what we thought was Lady Fingers a 5.7 off-width crack, but ended up on River of Darkness, another 5.7 right next door.

Then we did a 5.6 that I don't remember the name of and finished the day on a sweet 5.9 that I also don't know the name of. For not being outside yet, I did surprsingly well, finishing all three and feeling really confident on the 5.6. And, even though I needed beta on the 5.9 I made it up without hanging. It was a really great day. Even though we all ended up with a little bit of this somewhere:

I, like Dylan (pictured above) cut my ankle, my elbow, bruised my left shoulder and really screwed up my left knee. It's swollen and hurts to bend. It was fun though. I swear.

Bob Dylan once said, "Every pleasure's got an edge of pain, pay for your ticket and don't complain." I think that sums up the whole rock climbing experience fairly succinctly. And aptly. And beautifully.

Oh and in even better news, North Carolina lost today in overtime. Sweet. The universe is back in its proper alignment. Now I can continue watching the Final Four. Oh, if only Florida will be next. Please UCLA. Please.


it's over

Well, that was just sad-making. I know we still have 45 seconds to play, but I'm gonna be the first to call Time of Death. UCLA was just way more on their game than us. It would've helped if we could've hit half the shots we took. I think UCLA's defense just got the 'Hawks more flustered than a 16-year-old boy trying to unroll his first condom on prom night.

And, now my bracket's totally hosed. Again.

Oh well. As they say, there's always next year.

Now I just have to hold out hope that some of the basketball gods are smiling down on us KU fans and cause HWSNBN to lose to Ohio. Please. Oh please. Someone make it so.

somebody talk me down

The first half of the UCLA/KU game is over and we are down by four. Our defense has been outstanding, but we can't. hit. a. single. thing. Damn you Kaun. You blow. And Julian Wright isn't looking all that great either. Just call him Mr. Fumble.

And, UCLA plays exactly like we do, and maybe wants it more.

AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH! My heart can't take this.

Excuse me while I go drink myself into a stupor so I won't care one way or the other about the outcome of this 'game.'


well. so it goes.

Well, yet another day of No Upsets. But A LOT of Disappointments. Although Butler sure gave Florida and The Tranny way more of a fight than I thought they would. And Vandy only lost by one point to GTown. That was a pretty great game.

I almost couldn't bring myself to watch the UNC game. But I figure that you need to know the enemy, right? I am so absoulutely sick and tired of hearing the announcers talk about that UNC kid's Broken Nose and the Face Mask He Won't Wear. Because he is the Second Coming. Apparently. He's annoying is what he is. And I want to kick him in the nuts. He has a broken nose people, it's not like he's playing with a prosthetic limb. It's the equivalent of playing with an upset tummy. Let's all agree as a country to move on from this tragedy and just get over it already. K? K.

Now that neither one of my dreams came true and Florida and UNC are still in it, I guess I'll just have to keep watching in the hopes that I get to see their respective defeats someday. Soon. Before KU has to face either one of them.

i'm retreating right out the door.

Today I got the joy and honour of spending six hours at The Company Retreat That Will Save the World where the only things that were learned were that I and one of the other designers are really, noticeably superfluous to this company—good, truly, for only being minions (this despite the fact that combined we have more experience than anyone else in the room other than the owner), and that our print production manager really, really, really hates the software we use in place of paper job jackets.

Yeah. It was productive I tell ya. This day, more than any other, has helped me to finally decide that it is way past time for Corporate America and I to go our separate ways. I'm ready to admit that I need to go back to school, suffer financially for a couple of years and get my life on the right track.

I think the thing I hated the most about today was that I was without the internets for six. whole. hours. It was Painful. And kinda gave me the shakes. And the cold sweats.


yes. i was crapping my pants

All I have to say is that was way too close for comfort. And I'm really glad we won. And that we won when we weren't even really on top of our game. Obviously. Now all I have to hope for is that Pittsburgh beats UCLA. 'Cause I'm not sure we can. And Tennessee is looking awesome against Ohio St and even though it will completely hose my chances of winning the bracket pool, it would be kind of great if the Vols win.


tv on the radio

Last night I went down to Denver to see TV on the Radio play at the Ogden Theater. Without the entourage, I made it in plenty of time to stake out what I thought was a good spot before the opening band even came out on the stage. I'm not really sure what to say about the opening band, Subtle. They started off the first song with one of the members 'playing' his beer bottle. And then he picked up a flute. I haven't seen too many rock bands that have a flute player on staff. They also had a pretty amazing cellist and the music itself would've been pretty great if only they would've left out the vocals. 'Cause he turned their act into a freaky hybrid of rap and performance art. At one point he started whisper/singing to this weird stripe-painted statue they had sitting in the middle of the stage. Frankly, it made me a little uncomfortable.

But my discomfort quickly dissipated when TVOTR came out to play. They were simply amazing. Probably one of the best performances I've seen in the past eight months or so. Full of energy and very electric. The lead singer jumped around and danced the entire set. He has to go to bed exhausted every night. They played a good mix of old and new and about halfway through their set the moment I had been waiting anxiously for happened when they played my favorite song of theirs, 'Dirtywhirl.' I could've died a happy man right then and there. The only downside is that the venue was packed. And I mean packed. I now understand what sardines feel like. And, apparently, fans of TVOTR hail from The Land of Insanely Tall Drunken Idiots because even though I was on the second riser about a foot above the riser in front of me, there were still a bunch of really tall people in front of me obscuring the view.

It was a fantastic show regardless and judging by how much the crowd was jumping up and down, everyone there would agree with me.


i wish it were drugs. but it's not.

I had a very strange dream last night. One in which I was traveling with 5 or 6 other people—we were refugees from some disaster, or running from the authorities (I can't really remember) and we ended up at this enclave (sort of all Mad Max style) where this really large group of people was trying to build a rocket so they could get away from the same trouble we were running from and they needed our expertise. I remember that I got into an argument with one of the other guys in my group about the proper angle needed for the seat so that the mach forces wouldn't tear us apart. As time passed, my group became assimilated into the larger group, people started coupling up and so forth, and that's when I first noticed that many of the people in the larger group were half human, half animal. The guy I was arguing with about the seat fell in love with a woman who had a chicken's head.

Then I woke up.



OMG! OMG! OMG! Did you just see that? I think this picture of Russell Robinson sums up my feelings about the game very nicely. KU was on FIRE! I'm tellin' ya. This team. Usually, every year I have two or three favorite players, but this year... I don't think there's one I don't even like. Oh wait. Chaka Kaun. Yeah. He kinda blows. But that block he had in this game (that the ref called a foul when he shouldn't have), that was pretty sweet.

I was so nervous at the start of the game. I mean, it's Kentucky. I thought it was going to be one of those close nail-biters the whole way through, but KU really showed up and Kentucky just got tired. They tried though.

If we get into the Final Four, I'm seriously thinking about driving to Lawrence.

it's the best

This, more than any other reason, is why I love living where I do. This morning I woke around 7a still feeling a little snuffley, but needing to be outside, so I decided to go for a short, easy hike up Arthur's Rock. I called Ann and Dylan to see if they wanted to accompany me, and was able to convince Ann that she needed to be on Arthur's Rock today as well (Dylan had other plans).

So I pick Ann up at 10a, we hike for two hours, I get back home by 1.5p and still have more than half my day left. Think of how much I could still accomplish. Granted, I'm going to spend most of it watching bball, but still. It's awesome.

another basketball post

If you're really tired of me talking about basketball then you might want to just skip this post altogether. It'll be over soon. I promise. But I just had to say how Truly Amazing and Spectacular the games were yesterday.

Even though there weren't any major upsets, almost every one was close and hard fought. Who knew that Xavier would force Ohio St to play two overtimes? And Michigan St. You gave it the ol' college try boys, you really did. But you just couldn't overcome the unholy pact with Satan that HWSNBN made a long, long time ago. If he wins it all again this year, I'm gonna… I don't know what I'm gonna do, but man. The universe is seriously skewed if that's what goes down.

I refuse to even think about the KU game today until 3.05MDT. Then I will be crapping my pants. Everyone send good thoughts their way.

And, just so you don't think I was a complete lazy, wasteoid yesterday, I did get off my butt and go to the gym to boulder.


i'll speak about this

Ok. I realize that this is going to come across as really, extremely dorky, but I just started reading If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things by Jon McGregor and fell in love with it after about page 3. I'm currently on page 26 and want to gush to the world about how great it is.

Here's one of my favorite lines so far:

"…and my skin felt hot, shining red, as though the blood was rushing to the surface and gasping for air."

It truly is poetry written in prose. And makes me wonder why I didn't hear about it in 2003 when it was first published.

yeah? what else did you expect me to talk about?

Once again, they did not show the KU game tonight. I got the first few minutes when the 'Hawks were putting up a lot of bricks and not really able to hit anything, and then they switched over to the Texas game. Which looks like it was a more exciting matchup than the KU v Niagra one.

Can you believe that final score of the Tennessee game? What is this, the NBA? I don't think I've seen a score like that ever in a college game. At least not that I can remember.

How bad do we all feel for Illinois? Man. Not only does their loss screw my bracket, but they. were. so. close. And to fight that hard and lose by two. My heart broke a little for them.

I'm really not sad that Arizona lost, even though that also hoses my bracket even further.

So, my heart is beating a little slower now that the 'Hawks have survived the first round. Something we haven't done in three years. Hopefully, they'll show Sunday's KU game out here in 'rado.

it has begun

Holy Crap! Did anyone watch the Duke game last night? I was literally biting my nails. I can't believe Duke lost in the FIRST ROUND. That hasn't happened since... Another sign of the impending apocalypse.

No other real surprises though. The two teams I picked arbitrarily to be major upsets (Old Dominion and Wright State) didn't come through. Granted, they weren't educated picks, I just took a stab in the dark 'cause, you know, there's no telling what's gonna happen in The Big Dance. And, I figured if they did come through, I would've smoked everyone else in my pool.

Oh well, my bracket's still looking pretty good though.

I'm extremely nervous for the KU game tonight.


four legs make you crazy. apparently.

While working from home this week was Totally Awesome for the most part, there was one thing that was kind of annoying. That would be the R-dog. She behaves entirely differently when I'm home during the week. In and out and in and out of the doggie door. Barking at everything that moves. Running up and down the stairs. Bringing sticks into the house to shred all over the living room floor even though I've yelled at her for it at least twenty times.

Maybe it's because Gus is staying with us while Nikki is out of town, or maybe it's because I'm home when I'm usually not, or maybe it's because it's finally nice outside and she's tired of having been cooped up inside all winter, but whatever it was, I'm almost really glad to be going back to work tomorrow just to get some peace.

Dang that dog can be obnoxious.

king hilarious

King Dork tells the story of Tom Henderson, who is lead singer in a band (whose name gets changed more regular than the diapers on a diarrhetic baby) even though he doesn't own a guitar, and his best friend by Honor of Alphabetical Order, Sam Hellerman who plays bass, kind of, as they try to navigate the halls through Hellmont (Hillmont) High, trying to avoid all of the 'normal psychopaths.'

On the surface, this book is a lighthearted romp through the minefield that is high school for anyone who isn't normal. Under the surface, it is the story of two intertwining mysteries that Tom finds on his hands. One involves his not so recently deceased dad and the creepy assistant principal, the other involves Fiona, a fake-mod kind of stoned girl who Tom meets at a party one night. Surprisingly, for Tom, she lets him get all the way to second base and then bolts before he can even think about making his way to third, let alone finding out her last name or what school she attends.

Written by Frank Portman, the lead singer of the Mister T Experience, King Dork is told from the point of view of a kid who is smarter than most adults, his mom and step dad included, sarcastic as hell and has come to accept his lot in life even if he's not entirely comfortable with it.

I haven't laughed out loud so many times while reading in I can't remember when. It's one of those stories I wish I had come up with myself. If music and sex and feeling like no one in the world would ever 'get you' were all you thought about in your formative years, then this is the story for you.

depart this now. please.

So I'm probably the only person in the universe who thinks that this movie wasn't The Best Thing to Ever be Filmed and Produced Ever, and I'll probably be shot the next time I leave my house, but I just didn't find it all that interesting. I mean, it was ok. And it was an ok story, but it was fairly pedantic and predictable, didn't shed any new light on the mob genre and was violent just so the visual effects guys could get more experience splattering blood everywhere.

If you haven't seen it, and I'm sure that just about everyone has, the story goes like this: guy gets taken in by the mob as a kid, grows up and joins the police. Other guy also joins the police, but because he was a rich kid who spent a lot of time in the poor part of town, gets asked to go undercover and infiltrate the mob. Yeah. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me either. Then hijinks and mayhem ensue. Somehow these two guys fall in love with the same woman, and she falls in love with both of them. Yeah. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me either.

Everyone almost gets caught several times, a couple of stings go awry, bad guys get caught, bad guys go free, people stab each other in the back, other people try to shift the light on to other people, people get beat up (a lot) until finally, everyone dies.

Not only was the storyline kind of boring, but the acting was pretty terrible. Apparently the Boston accent is pretty difficult to imitate because every single one of the people in the movie kept slipping in and out of it. Constantly. Even Matt Damon. Who grew up there, right? The only one who even made the movie slightly believable was Mark Whalberg.

Honestly, it made me believe even more strongly that the only reason Scorsese got an Oscar for it was because the People in Charge of Handing Out the Golden Man figured that they needed to make up for past mistakes and honor him before he finally keels over. And, I have no idea why it won Best Movie of 2006.

On the other hand, maybe my expectations were just too high. And we all know that when you have high expectations, you're only bound to be disappointed in the end.


ku v texas. omg.

That was truly an amazing game. One of the best I've ever watched. It helps that we won. In OT. But, to come back from a 20-point deficit in the first half of the first half to win by 4 in the first-ever overtime in Big 12 Championship Tourney history? Awesome. Really. This year's crop of KU kids definitely have the talent, now let's just hope they don't repeat history by choking in the first or second round.

That Durant kid is just jaw dropping to watch, 37 points in one game? It makes me wonder what Texas would be like if they actually had some other decent players.

I also loved how pro-Big 12 the announcers were today. They were right though, the nation as a whole really underrates our conference. Which was tougher this year than anyone gives it credit for.

I can't believe that Florida got a number one seed over Georgetown and that Arkansas got in over NC State or Florida State or K-State, but overall it looks like the bracket pickers made good choices.

Ok. Everyone get your brackets filled out. Good luck with your picks. Of course, I have KU going all the way. I have to.


It's an absolutely gorgeous day outside and I get to enjoy not one second of it. For, yes, you guessed it, I have the crud. Again. It's seriously pissing me off. And, this time, as an added bonus, on top of the stuffy nose and sore throat, I'm suffering through some bacteria's or virus' attack on my lower gastrointestinal tract. Can we talk about how much fun I've had this weekend?

The upside is that it's given me a not-much-needed excuse to watch a lot of bball. I was really hoping that those kids from NC State would beat the crap out of the Tarheels, but I just don't think it's gonna happen. They looked pretty good there in the first half, but I think they've just run out of gas. Even if they lose today though, if they don't get into the Big Dance, something's seriously wrong with the system.

I'm really nervous about the Texas v KU game today. Even though we're already in the tourney, I still want us to win.


big 12 tourney news

Did anyone get to see the Baylor v Texas game yesterday? 'Cause I didn't. Damn you ESPN and your hatred of the Big 12. Anyway, the first half at least looked very interesting. Who knew Baylor was gonna do that? I'm kinda sad they lost. Mostly because that means we have to probably play Texas in the Championship game.

Although, who knows? Who knew Ok St. was gonna only be 3 points behind with 8 minutes left in the 2nd half?

The KU v KSU game was way more exciting than I wanted it to be also. KSU has come a long way since even last year. I hope they get to go to the Big Dance, they deserve it after the way they played today. I think next year they're gonna be a contender.

Have I said how much I love bball?


it doesn't get any better than this

I just returned home from dinner with Ann at Enzio's (a little, nice Italian restaurant in ol' downtown F.C.) where I had some beer and therefore am feeling a little drunk, but I still have some things to say (sorry if this doesn't make any sense):

1) Let's all pause for a moment and give a little shoutout to Coach Bill Self who won his 100th game with KU today. I can't believe he's been there long enough to win 100 games. Seems like just yesterday that we were all cursing HWSNBN for deserting us for darker pastures.

2) NC State is tearing up the ACC Championship tourney. They just beat WVU. They're not even ranked. I think this is what one would call a 'cinderella team'.

3) Unfortunately, Florida looked really good against Georgia. Dammit. The way they've been playing, I was sort of hoping they wouldn't even get into the NIT. Ok, ok. I know that's a ridiculous, unfounded wish, but it's college bball—weirder things have happened. Right?

4) And OK St beat Texas A&M. Holy crap. Only by one point, but still. They've been sucking it hard lately. And A&M hasn't. Kinda brought a little tear to my eye.

I love bball.

in big 12 tourney news

No surprises at all really. The suckiest teams in the Big 12 all lost their first games in the tourney yesterday. Well, not the suckiest, as Baylor is still hanging in there. Although it's really not all that surprising if you think about it because their first game was against Missouri, who was surprisingly ranked 6th in the conference even after their crappy playing over the last few weeks. I mean, they lost to Nebraska a couple of weeks ago.

So, Iowa St, Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska are all outta there. No more bball for you guys this year. Sorry you suck so much.

Only one hour and 42 minutes until KU kicks the crap out of Oklahoma.

i don't know how i feel about any of this

An American Indian tribe is currently finishing up construction on a glass bottomed walkway over the Grand Canyon. To me, this seems antithetical to everything the American Indians believe. But then so do casinos, and they've been milking that money tree for a long, long time.

No. 21 Duke, who was seeded No. 7 in the ACC Championship Conference (the lowest ranking they've had going into the tournament in like, ever), lost last night to North Carolina State. As much as I've always hated Duke, I really like Coach K and feel kind of badly for him every time he loses.

And No. 4 UCLA lost to California in overtime.

It's a crazy, crazy world we live in kids.


half nelson

You know those movies about the teacher who goes to the inner city high school and, you know, has a tough time at first, but then ends up saving the entire world from nuclear war, pestilence and cockroaches? That one starring Michelle Pfeiffer that I can't remember the name of comes to mind. It was truly horrible.

When I first read the summation of Half Nelson, I thought it would maybe be more of the same trite crap. Then when I saw that Mr. Gosling was up for an Oscar this year for his performance, I decided to give it a try. I'm extremely glad I did. I won't give too much away because the tension, uncomfortableness and the 'is it gonna happen? God, I hope not' anticipation of it all were big reasons why I enjoyed it so much. It's a pretty slow story, but I found myself anxiously waiting to see what was going to happen next. The script leaves out a lot of the past story, so you're left to your own devices in figuring out what is happening with the characters, much like you were actually dropped in on this chunk of their lives and you're experiencing their days just as they would.

Gosling, who plays Mr. Dunn, a high school history teacher on the brink of a meltdown, gave a pretty good performance (and I didn't have a lot of faith in him based on his past movie appearances, I mean, The Notebook? whatever), but I was truly amazed by Shareeka Epps, the girl who plays, Dre, one of Dunn's students who is also at a crossroads and trying to figure out her path in life. Unfortunately, even the ending leaves you to fill in the gaps for yourself. Which for me, also added to the allure of this fine example of good filmmaking.

I give this one four thumbs up.

whoo hoo

I didn't get to watch the final game of the season yesterday. Apparently because I'm an idiot. I looked at ESPN, which was showing the Wisconsin v Michigan St game, and ESPN2, which was showing the one thing I will never consider a 'sport'—NASCAR, but I completely forgot about CBS. Which I guess had the KU v Texas game on. Derek reminded me that CBS actually does show some games every now and then.

It looks like it was a fantastic game though. With the 'Hawks down at the half by 14 and then coming back to win by four? Awesome. And, winning the Big 12 title outright. The first time for Bill Self. I just hope that they can continue to play like they have been lately when they enter The Big Dance. 'Cause as every basketball fan knows, KU is the chokingest team of all time when it comes to the tourney. Only two more weeks to go!

In other news, I was supposed to go climbing down in Golden today, but I woke up feeling a little oogy. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm blaming the combination of the beer I had last night at Pat and Derek's and the Sleepy Time I took before I went to bed.


this week sucks a whole giant load of ass

I've been having a week-long argument with my boss. I won't bore you with the details, suffice it to say that he's a jerk and I decided to be a jerk back. You know, 'cause I'm mature like that. We're having a conversation tomorrow morning to see if I'm going to stay or not. I was really hoping he would fire me so that I could apply for unemployment, but it looks like he's going to wuss out and leave the decision up to me. A-hole.

Anyway, of course all of the work stress has caused the massive insomnia to rear its ugly head again. Even with the Ambien, I've been waking up at 3.30a and not really going back to sleep, but lying there and drifting in and out until the alarm goes off. And the tiredness has made me not want to exercise, so I haven't even ridden my bike to work since Tues. But, and here's the point of all this, for some reason I'm absolutely starving. I feel like I could eat an entire herd of pre-white-man-invasion buffalo and still not be satisified.

I'm thinking my tapeworm, Fred has come back for a visit.