a sunday

Somehow I've ended up with four movies from Netflix at a time even though I'm only supposed to have three. My question is thus: do I call them and tell them about it, or do I just ride the wave until they figure it out on their own? It seems a little dishonest not to tell them, but I'm thinking of it as payback for the whole throttling business. Which I know they're doing to me even though I've slowed down my rate of return. I only turn in about one movie a week now (when it used to be two or three), but they're still taking almost a week to get the new one back to me when it used to be two days. I'm honestly thinking of switching over to Blockbuster. Even though that seems a little like shopping at WalMart to me.

Dylan and I are getting closer to actually setting up our own routes. And by that I mean we've skipped all of the pesky difficult parts like learning how to drill the holes and screw in the bolts and went right to the fun, last step and are practicing our naming skills. Whoever sets up the routes at the gym lately kinda blows at this, so we've begun renaming them. Apparently we have a penchant for verbosity, because so far we have 'Pinch Me I'm Dreaming,' 'Hell Hath No Fury (Like a Hold Scorned)' and then there was a third that I can't remember for the life of me. Dylan?

Speaking of movies, I watched Rabbit Proof Fence this weekend. All I have to say is that the white man taken as a whole is a pretty evil race of people. We have visited unforgivable atrocities on people of color and we deserve not a small amount of retribution. I highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it already. It might make you bawl your little baby eyes out. At the very least, it will leave you awash in feelings of disbelief and guilt.


Dylan said...

I've had the 4 movie thing happen. Check your account to see which 3 they think you have out. They've mistakenly given you credit for returning the other one. While keeping it forever might be a little dishonest, I think just returning it when you're done is virtuous enough.

The other long name is "The Battle of Wounded Knee".

Rabbit Proof Fence is also a good movie for desert landscapes.

d said...

battle of wounded knee. how could i forget the best one? it still makes me laugh.