news from the Big 12

Ok. Seriously, that had to be one of the most boring games I've ever watched. I knew we'd probably wup the Cyclones, but I certainly didn't expect a 40-point spread. And that was with the walk-ons getting some serious air time. Imagine what would've happened if the starters had played the entire game? (Coach pulled Wright and Collins out at the 12 minute mark and the rest of the starters six minutes later.)

It was nice, though, to see the bench warmers get a lot of minutes.

Other news from the Big 12: the announcers were saying that Oklahoma State is most likely NOT going to the Big Dance. That's unbelievable to me. Just a few years ago, they were a serious contender. I think even last year they made it further in the Big Dance than the 'Hawks did. But that's what they get for losing to Colorado. I mean, no one can take you seriously if you lose to the Buffs.

And K-State may actually go this year.

And Missouri lost to Nebraska. I bet they feel really, really lame.

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