it's tuesday

It's winter again. And is snowing. Just when the old had finally melted enough to see some grass in places.

On Sunday, at the gym, I pulled something in my hand on a particular boulder problem that is vexing me. Yesterday it hurt to make a fist. But, worry not, my hand only kind of hurts today, so I don't think I did it any permanent damage. I probably shouldn't climb tonight, but I'm going to anyway. 'Cause I'm stupid.

I had to go into the doctor this morning and get my cholesterol checked and so had to fast and even though I've had a bagel with a TON of cream cheese and a banana and a Clif® bar since I got to work, I'm still starving. And the carrots I have in the fridge don't sound exciting at all and what I really want is a cheeseburger.

For some reason, yesterday I decided to listen to Sunset Rubdown again even though I haven't listened to it in about eight months. Man. That is one fantastic album.

I'm weirdly fascinated with all of the Anna Nicole goings on. If they discover that her son is in fact the father of her daughter, I'm gonna hurl.

I'm excited to see The Shins on Thursday.

That's all I got.

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