the best time of year is almost upon us. are you ready?

I didn't get to watch the game on Saturday. ESPN was showing poker or NASCAR or something. I don't remember. It looks like I would've fallen asleep in the first ten minutes though. 92 - 39? Holy crap Nebraska, did you send your grandmas out to play?

We've got a string of really boring games coming up too. K-State tonight. Which could be good, if K-State brings the same kind of game they had when they beat Texas at home, but it could be a total wash. Then Iowa State. They haven't been a contender for a while. I think they won the last Big 8 championship game. Against us. But that was a couple of decades ago. However, then we get to play Oklahoma and end the season against Texas in Allen Fieldhouse, both of which should be great games.

I just realized that the Big 12 Championship Tourney is in OKC this year. Instead of Dallas. I may have to make a little road trip...

Other than that, my weekend was full of painting. I finally got around to buying some canvas and some new brushes, etc. It felt pretty good to create something, rather than just spend a lot of time in front of the tv.

Oh and I did get in a little rock climbing. I'm getting more comfortable with leading in the gym which is great, but I hope the comfort level translates when we finally get to start climbing outside again. Somehow, I'm not sure it will.

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