the best pop band to come out of Scotland. in like. ever.

'So on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you to be here, right now?'

'Uh. I'm at about a 5.'

'So is he. And I'm wondering what we're doing here then. I mean, I just think that you should be at least at a 7 if you're gonna drive all the way down to Denver to see a show. Right?'

'So what are you at?'

"A 2.'

But then they came out on stage and began to play, and all of us were transformed. You know how some bands you just have to see live in order to really appreciate what they can bring to the table? Well, Camera Obscura is one of those bands. I'd listened to a couple of their albums and just thought they were ok. But, now, after last night's show I think they're brilliant.

The lead singer, Traceyanne, came across as being pretty funny with a really wry sense of humor. At one point she said, 'I'm really surprised to see so many people here tonight. Before we arrived in Denver we were told that we only sold like 15 tickets. And then we found out that Incubus was in town also, so we figured that no one would come see us play. They're kind of popular, right?' Or, at least, it was something like that. It was hard to understand her what with the Scottish accent and all.

They are probably the geekiest, frumpiest group of people I have ever seen get together and decide to form a band, but they can really make some beautiful, genius level pop music.

What really sold me was The Green Shirt Kid who played the 'trumpet and percussion'. Which apparently included tambourine, that thing that sounds like horse hooves clopping on a cobblestone road, the maracas and a couple of other things in there. And don't let anyone tell you differently, playing the tambourine is apparently hard work. And requires a lot of hip shaking. And playing the trumpet requires absolute stillness. Then I did a little reading this morning and discovered that he was most likely a stand-in. Or he's brand spankin' new to the band and they haven't had any publicity photos taken with him yet. I hope it's the latter, 'cause otherwise it's really, really weird that he was that into the music.

All in all I'm really glad I went.

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