a sunday

Somehow I've ended up with four movies from Netflix at a time even though I'm only supposed to have three. My question is thus: do I call them and tell them about it, or do I just ride the wave until they figure it out on their own? It seems a little dishonest not to tell them, but I'm thinking of it as payback for the whole throttling business. Which I know they're doing to me even though I've slowed down my rate of return. I only turn in about one movie a week now (when it used to be two or three), but they're still taking almost a week to get the new one back to me when it used to be two days. I'm honestly thinking of switching over to Blockbuster. Even though that seems a little like shopping at WalMart to me.

Dylan and I are getting closer to actually setting up our own routes. And by that I mean we've skipped all of the pesky difficult parts like learning how to drill the holes and screw in the bolts and went right to the fun, last step and are practicing our naming skills. Whoever sets up the routes at the gym lately kinda blows at this, so we've begun renaming them. Apparently we have a penchant for verbosity, because so far we have 'Pinch Me I'm Dreaming,' 'Hell Hath No Fury (Like a Hold Scorned)' and then there was a third that I can't remember for the life of me. Dylan?

Speaking of movies, I watched Rabbit Proof Fence this weekend. All I have to say is that the white man taken as a whole is a pretty evil race of people. We have visited unforgivable atrocities on people of color and we deserve not a small amount of retribution. I highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it already. It might make you bawl your little baby eyes out. At the very least, it will leave you awash in feelings of disbelief and guilt.


news from the Big 12

Ok. Seriously, that had to be one of the most boring games I've ever watched. I knew we'd probably wup the Cyclones, but I certainly didn't expect a 40-point spread. And that was with the walk-ons getting some serious air time. Imagine what would've happened if the starters had played the entire game? (Coach pulled Wright and Collins out at the 12 minute mark and the rest of the starters six minutes later.)

It was nice, though, to see the bench warmers get a lot of minutes.

Other news from the Big 12: the announcers were saying that Oklahoma State is most likely NOT going to the Big Dance. That's unbelievable to me. Just a few years ago, they were a serious contender. I think even last year they made it further in the Big Dance than the 'Hawks did. But that's what they get for losing to Colorado. I mean, no one can take you seriously if you lose to the Buffs.

And K-State may actually go this year.

And Missouri lost to Nebraska. I bet they feel really, really lame.


new music wednesday

So this month I tried a new experiment with my eMusic subscription. Instead of downloading a couple of albums every week, I waited until almost the last minute and downloaded all eight. At once. I feel slightly overwhelmed by it all, but I think in the long run, it might work out alright for everyone involved.

At any rate, here's what I got. It's kind of a weird mix:

Apostle of Hustle | Fokloric Feel Remember my post from a little bit ago about how I had written this down on a file folder, but couldn't fathom why? Turns out they're a band. I guess I'd written it down so that I would check them out at some point. All I have to say about them is that they are the exact opposite of 'hustle'. Pretty soporific in fact. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Beirut|Gulag Orkestar Alright, alright. Damn you critics, you were right again. Much like I did with The Arcade Fire's Funeral, I resisted this band for a long time because the critics were so much in love with them last year. Seriously, it's all anyone talked about. The lead singer/writer/god is from New Mexico, but is heavily influenced by Eastern Europe and the gypsies. It makes for a very interesting combination.

Chris Pureka | Driving North This is quite simply one of the saddest, most beautiful albums I've ever listened to from beginning to end. Her guitar playing is amazing. And the lyrics. Dear sweet baby Jesus. This woman has had some times, I guess.

Patty Griffin | Children Running Through Ok. I know she began her singing career way back when the dinosaurs were still roaming the Earth, but I just discovered her. I'm not sure I'm all that impressed with this album. A little overwrought, and maybe trying to hard. I'm gonna give it a couple more listens and see if it grows on me, but I don't think it will.

So, there's the first four. I'll finish after I listen to the other ones.


the best time of year is almost upon us. are you ready?

I didn't get to watch the game on Saturday. ESPN was showing poker or NASCAR or something. I don't remember. It looks like I would've fallen asleep in the first ten minutes though. 92 - 39? Holy crap Nebraska, did you send your grandmas out to play?

We've got a string of really boring games coming up too. K-State tonight. Which could be good, if K-State brings the same kind of game they had when they beat Texas at home, but it could be a total wash. Then Iowa State. They haven't been a contender for a while. I think they won the last Big 8 championship game. Against us. But that was a couple of decades ago. However, then we get to play Oklahoma and end the season against Texas in Allen Fieldhouse, both of which should be great games.

I just realized that the Big 12 Championship Tourney is in OKC this year. Instead of Dallas. I may have to make a little road trip...

Other than that, my weekend was full of painting. I finally got around to buying some canvas and some new brushes, etc. It felt pretty good to create something, rather than just spend a lot of time in front of the tv.

Oh and I did get in a little rock climbing. I'm getting more comfortable with leading in the gym which is great, but I hope the comfort level translates when we finally get to start climbing outside again. Somehow, I'm not sure it will.


going nowhere

Unexpectedly, it's doing this outside:

So it looks like I'm not going anywhere this afternoon.

It was supposed to be sunny and 50ยบ today. Weatherman, you get yet another F.

Oh well. I guess I'll just continue surfing.

the shins

Last night saw us once again down in Denver to see some live music. This time it was The Shins, on tour to promote their latest album, Wincing the Night Away, at The Fillmore.

This was my first time visiting this venue and I can't say I was all that impressed. It's a huge, cavernous space with awful acoustics and no really good place to stand where you can properly see the band. Unless, that is, you get there four hours before the doors open so you can grab one of the tables up on the side balconies. And, of course, we didn't make it that early so we had to settle for the cheap seats.

I was unfortunate enough to get stuck behind Big, Tall Fuzzy Head (seriously, this guy was probably 6'200" and wider than two of me put together) who placed himself in front of us about a third of the way through the set. And then, throughout the rest of the performance he proceeded to drift over to his left, right in my line of sight. Derek says I'm sizeist, and he's most likely correct, but I still say they should segregate the audience by height that way everyone can enjoy the show.

At any rate, James Mercer and Co. did an excellent job at the whole entertainment thing. Playing every single song from Wincing and three of my favorites from their previous release, Chutes Too Narrow. I'm glad that I am extremely well-versed in their repertoire, otherwise I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did as it was kind of hard to understand him.

That said, it was still a toe-tapping, head-bopping good time.



Work once again interfered with the having of a personal life yesterday, so Dylan and I went climbing tonight instead, even though it's Valentine's Day. Me because I'm single and have no reason nor desire to celebrate this holiday that was invented by Satan, and Dylan because Ann let him off the hook. Lucky bastard. I told him he should be very grateful to have such an easy-to-please spouse.

I was of the mind that there would be absolutely no one else at the gym as most people would have obligations of love and romance, but surprisingly there were a ton of folks on the wall. I guess climbers are an unromantic bunch.

Either that, or they just have their priorities in the right place.


bunicula. alive and in the flesh.

I guess at least it wasn't done by modifing genes, but still. It's creepy. In the way that Cher and Dick Clark are creepy. And I think it's especially disturbing that the North Koreans want to cut 'em up and put them in stew. I'm imagining that it's all a ploy and that in reality they probably want them so that Kim Jong Il can find some way to turn them into nuclear weapons.

My question is, why rabbits? I mean, if you're gonna jump on the creepy train and breed gianormous animals for human consumption, why not ride it all the way to the station that has cows?

I wonder if anyone is going to develop really large carrots so they'll have something to eat besides small children?

it's tuesday

It's winter again. And is snowing. Just when the old had finally melted enough to see some grass in places.

On Sunday, at the gym, I pulled something in my hand on a particular boulder problem that is vexing me. Yesterday it hurt to make a fist. But, worry not, my hand only kind of hurts today, so I don't think I did it any permanent damage. I probably shouldn't climb tonight, but I'm going to anyway. 'Cause I'm stupid.

I had to go into the doctor this morning and get my cholesterol checked and so had to fast and even though I've had a bagel with a TON of cream cheese and a banana and a Clif® bar since I got to work, I'm still starving. And the carrots I have in the fridge don't sound exciting at all and what I really want is a cheeseburger.

For some reason, yesterday I decided to listen to Sunset Rubdown again even though I haven't listened to it in about eight months. Man. That is one fantastic album.

I'm weirdly fascinated with all of the Anna Nicole goings on. If they discover that her son is in fact the father of her daughter, I'm gonna hurl.

I'm excited to see The Shins on Thursday.

That's all I got.


the best pop band to come out of Scotland. in like. ever.

'So on a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you to be here, right now?'

'Uh. I'm at about a 5.'

'So is he. And I'm wondering what we're doing here then. I mean, I just think that you should be at least at a 7 if you're gonna drive all the way down to Denver to see a show. Right?'

'So what are you at?'

"A 2.'

But then they came out on stage and began to play, and all of us were transformed. You know how some bands you just have to see live in order to really appreciate what they can bring to the table? Well, Camera Obscura is one of those bands. I'd listened to a couple of their albums and just thought they were ok. But, now, after last night's show I think they're brilliant.

The lead singer, Traceyanne, came across as being pretty funny with a really wry sense of humor. At one point she said, 'I'm really surprised to see so many people here tonight. Before we arrived in Denver we were told that we only sold like 15 tickets. And then we found out that Incubus was in town also, so we figured that no one would come see us play. They're kind of popular, right?' Or, at least, it was something like that. It was hard to understand her what with the Scottish accent and all.

They are probably the geekiest, frumpiest group of people I have ever seen get together and decide to form a band, but they can really make some beautiful, genius level pop music.

What really sold me was The Green Shirt Kid who played the 'trumpet and percussion'. Which apparently included tambourine, that thing that sounds like horse hooves clopping on a cobblestone road, the maracas and a couple of other things in there. And don't let anyone tell you differently, playing the tambourine is apparently hard work. And requires a lot of hip shaking. And playing the trumpet requires absolute stillness. Then I did a little reading this morning and discovered that he was most likely a stand-in. Or he's brand spankin' new to the band and they haven't had any publicity photos taken with him yet. I hope it's the latter, 'cause otherwise it's really, really weird that he was that into the music.

All in all I'm really glad I went.


hot bball action

I didn't get to watch the game last night. ESPN was showing the Duke/UNC game instead. I quickly changed the channel so I wouldn't have to see the smug face of He Who Shall Not Be Named. And it looks like they barely snuck by the Devils, so there would've definitely been smugness.

Even though K-State beat Texas at home last week, it's still not all that exciting that we beat them. By quite a bit. I mean K-State hasn't been good at bball since The Big Bang, so there's nothing to brag about there. But a 'W' is a 'W' as Derek says, so I'll take it.


hello my name is simon

So I found this website the other day called Illustration Friday where every Friday they give you a different theme, you create something for it and then post it to the site.

In order to post, you have to have the images somewhere online so I had to start yet another blog.

Check it out if you want. And if you have time I would definitely check out the Illustration Friday site. A lot of it is pure crap, but there are quite a few people out there doing some pretty amazing things.



I don't want to get anyone's hopes up prematurely, but it seems as though sprinter (that time when winter is trying to make up its mind to become spring) may have finally arrived.

Yes. Yes. I realize fully that there is still snow in the forecast, but did you happen to notice what the temps are going to be when it's not snowing? This is the classic definition of sprinter. When you still get an assload of snow, but during the in between times it's sunny and in the 50s. Unlike the below zeros that we have been having.

That means melting. And comfortable bike rides into work in the morning.



Even though we lost, this was a freakin'. spectacular. game. It was one of those extremely close matches where, really, either team could've won at the end. Luck just wasn't on our side.

We outrebounded, outshot, outdefended, out everything else A&M, but we just totally fell apart at the end.

At least North Carolina lost also. To NC STATE!