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The Big 12 Conference was exciting today. Well, at least as a whole. KU's game against CU was a huge yawnfest. 97-74. The Buffs tried really, really hard to come back after the first half, but they fell apart pretty quickly and just plain ran out of juice. It was nice to see some of the walk-ons get some minutes there at the end.

Chalmers and Rush both had 21 points each. That's how badly CU fell apart. What was amazing was the sheer number of turnovers. By both teams, but especially CU. Holy crap. They just couldn't hang on to the ball. The 'Hawks got 34 points off of turnovers alone. For more detailed stats, go here.

In other Big 12 news though, Texas barely, and I mean barely beat Baylor. Yep you heard it right. BAYLOR. And, Missouri beat Texas Tech, making me feel not so bad about losing to Bobby Knight last week. I mean, we beat Missouri, so... I don't care what anyone else says (I'm lookin' at you Derek), the Big 12 is the best conference in the country. The ACC and SEC are so last century.

KU holds the number one position in conference with 18-3 overall and 5-1 in conference.

In other areas of the country, Arizona is completely falling apart, losing pretty badly to He Who Shall Not Be Named today. I don't feel that badly for Lute though, he's had his share of great years. If nothing else he can look back fondly to 1997.

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