the testing never ends. no matter how old you are.

Tonight at the gym I decided to try and take the Lead Test so I can start leading some climbs. I felt extremely nervous and a little afraid of failure. Well, I did it. I passed. I think with flying colors. Or at least the guy proctoring the test said I was 'good to go.'

Then I did a somewhat shaky lead on a 5.8 that was next door to the Lead Test climb (which is a 5.9), but at least I finished without falling. It was close though.

After that I was pretty hosed so took it easy for the rest of the night. The gym was crazy full though. All those darn resolution makers. Hopefully, they'll give up in a couple of weeks.

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Dylan said...

If you resolved NOT to go to the gym anymore, by the time you broke it the crowds would be gone...