I've had lower back pain for about a gazillion years and have just sort of learned to live with it. About a year ago, I bought a new bed and that seemed to abate it somewhat, that is, until I got those couple of massages. Ever since, my back seems to be constantly tight and in a not small amount of pain. Especially if I sit for too long. Which, of course, having a desk job, I do every day.

So, a friend recommended this chiropractor to me and I decided to at least try it and see if that might work. I'm not sure what I really paid for, but all she did was this weird flicking motion on my neck and my butt. I was expecting some tugging at the very least. I came away feeling not any different and like I had been snowed. And, today, my back hurts worse than ever.

So much for the hocus pocus. I guess I'll just keep popping the Advil®.

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Ann said...

I did a program of this for about two months twice a week. I thought it was nuts at first too. I can't even remember what it's called--neural network therapy or something. BUT, although I cannot explain it, I have to say it worked in a steady and amazing way. I started to breathe better, I had massive mood improvements, and my back stopped hurting. Again, I don't get it, but not everything in life is explainable. Anyway, I only quit because I was ready to go to "Level 2" and it was too expensive. I would do it again if I were flush. Just my 2 cents!