rambling, random thursday

In which I make inane observations:

The guy in Missouri who kidnapped those two boys and is now pleading NOT guilty? WTF? Dude. They found the kids IN YOUR APARTMENT. How did they get in there if you didn't kidnap them? 'Uh. Look, Ma, someone must've broken into my apartment while I was gone and instead of taking my crappy 13" tv and my pot stash, they left two kids here.' One who's apparently been there for FOUR YEARS. Douchebag.

I so don't feel like working today. I'm sleepy.

The combination of nuclear weapons in the hands of madmen and our president being a complete, drooling moron has caused 'them' to move the Doomsday Clock up by two minutes. We only have five minutes left people. Get all the Twinkie® eating and whiskey drinking in while you can. (For some reason, that I can't fathom, no one else seems as upset by this news as I am.) For a more detailed, probably saner, look at the clock in all of its frightening portential glory, click here.

Bush has said that he will likely veto any bill passed by Congress to reduce the APR on student loans. Why? What possible reason could he have for not wanting to make it easier for people to go to school? Remember how he was all, 'I will work with the new Democrat-controlled Congress.' after the November elections? Yeah. Whatever, W. You're a douchebag also.

I'm supposed to be coming up with a 'Brazilian-influenced' design for an ad for a bottled-water company and a logo for a local 'homegrown' radio station. I want to do neither.

I started taking Melatonin at night to help me sleep instead of Sleepy Time® and at first, it was working pretty well, but then, for some reason, last night, NOT AT ALL. Hence. The sleepiness of me. What I've also started wondering about is if melatonin comes from the pineal gland, where are the product makers getting the melatonin to make the pills? I imagine that they are sticking really long needles in people's brains while they're sleeping to extract it. Hey. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to sleep lately. They've been stealing all of MY melatonin to make the melatonin pills and now I have to take their melatonin in order to sleep. It's a vicious cycle.

Ok. That's all I got. Happy Thursdays.

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