2006 was inarguably a fantastic year for new music, so you'll forgive me that I missed a couple that would've made my 'top of' list had I not been so ignorant.

The Thermals | The Blood, the Body, the Machine
An entire album about the lead singer's relationship with God? Sounds rather boring, right? Guess again. Soul searching lyrics sung over growling guitars, jangling melodies and post-punk anger make this an album you can spend some time with.

The Long Winters | Putting the Days to Bed
Power pop that's driven by guitars and lyrics that are sardonic and witty give the perfect backdrop to John Roderick's deep, playful voice and toe-tapping melodies. Another one that you won't walk away from any time soon.

Please forgive me you two. Had I known about you, you definitely would've made the top twelve.

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