an outing

Dylan and I decided on Friday, while drinking beer at Coops, that it was time for a snowshoe outing. As long as the weather was cooperative.

I woke up Saturday morning not really all that excited to go, but by the time Dylan called at 9.5a I was ready to kick it.

We decided to try a new part of the county that Dylan had only visited once before, and I, never. Rist Canyon. It's even closer to home than Poudre Canyon and I'm not sure why I've never ventured up there before. It only took about an hour to get to the 'trailhead' and that was mostly because the road still had enough snow on it to make me nervous about the sliding around.

The hike was great. The temperature was so warm that we were in short sleeves for most of the trip. The fire road we were on gave us pleny of level terrain without any brush or trees or those big, lumpy rocks. And with only 600' in elevation, we covered 6.8 miles in a little over three hours. That's pretty good time on snowshoes.

Even the R-dog did well. She had to 'swim' in a few places, but she trudged gamely on without lagging behind for the entire trip.

I know I say it a lot, but it was great to get outside and enjoy the mountains. I realized that due to all the snow on the ground, I had been feeling pretty trapped and claustrophobic.

I now feel a little more sane.

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