new music wednesday

In which I make stupid, uneducated observations about music that I've recently downloaded.

I've read mixed reviews about this album, some good, but most bad. Most of the critics who didn't like it, just seem to be disappointed.

But, I have to disagree with the naysayers. It's fantastic. It took me a few listens to like their self-titled debut, but once I did, I decided that it was genius. And probably the best album of 2005. Maybe it's because I'm more used to their sound this time around, but I liked this one on first listen.

Sure, it sounds like CYHSY, but I think that's in large part due to the lead singer's unique voice. Any song he sings is going to sound like CYHSY. What I like about this album is they're starting to experiment with the instrumentation behind his voice. They're playing with Eastern European, techno and even bluegrass. It makes the listening experience very rich and interesting.

I'm so intrigued with it that I haven't even listened to any of the other four albums I downloaded yesterday.

I give it four thumbs up.

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