it's ought 7

I'm sitting here fairly amazed that it's 2007. In my mind it's still the late 90s so this whole 2000 thing is still really weird.

I was lame, lame, lame and did pretty much nothing last night. Ann, Dylan and I went to the gym yesterday to climb and then we went to Coopersmith's for beer and grub. I had pretty much planned on just going home after that, but Nikki called and invited me over for dinner. After burning the crap out of my lip on a jalapeno popper and devouring a bunch of crab legs, I came back home and was in bed by 11p.

I'm not usually up for the whole resolution thing, but I have decided to try to change two things about myself:

1) I'm going to develop a better attitude about work. It's a decent job with good benefits. Who cares if they don't think I'm capable of turning on my computer by myself? Plus, I can stick it out for eight months until I go back to school. Right? Right.

2) I'm going to stop cussing. So, now I'll be saying things like 'shoot' and 'fudge.'

Check back with me Tuesday afternoon and see how I'm doing.

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