god really does exist

I was perusing the internet this evening, well, a large part of the day actually 'cause I'm home sick and I happened to find the freakin. coolest. thing. ever.

You download. You install. You open up your iTunes. You turn on your visualizer. And then you get to see which of your favorite bands are coming to a concert venue near you.

Do you realize how awesome this is? No more trolling the internet for endless hours trying to figure out who's on tour. No more clicking through all of the venues' sites to see if maybe, just maybe someone whom you might actually want to see play live is coming there any time soon.

Thank you geeky dude, whomever you are, for toiling away, slaving over your keyboard, and accomplishing something that will make my life oh so much better. Here's to you. You will go to Heaven for this. I swear.

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