i love you mlk

Because you were such a great man and deserve to be honored, my boss decided to give me the day off of work. So. A big shoutout to you, sir. Thanks for everything.

Unfortunately, since it's currently only 2ยบ outside and when I shoveled the driveway earlier, my fingers almost fell off, I've had to find ways to entertain myself indoors.

In that vein, things to do when you're stuck inside:

• Channel surf
• Spend a lot of time online
• Take a really long shower
• Clip your fingernails
• Scrutinize your toenails and decide that they could use some attention as well
• Finally change the tire on your bike that you've been meaning to for the past week
• Contemplate doing yoga, decide that later will be soon enough
• Download some music
• Read some news
• Wish desperately that you had some Doritos


Ann said...

Okay, even if you ARE one of my very best friends and even if you DID take us to the fancy restaurant last Friday, you are TRULY PATHETIC! I guess you could have been like me, and not had the day off, paid, and had to go to work; or you could have been like Dylan, and forget completely that you have the day off and go to work anyway, which you also did last year, on the same exact holiday, and then have to stay there because it's 2 degrees and your wife has the car and you didn't ride your bike because the tire exploded on it, and anyway you're better off at work where there is free heat and actual running water, instead of frozen hoses and leaking tanks. HA! (Does this still qualify as "a comment"?) Love, Ann

craptastic said...

it does count as a comment. and a really long, run-on sentence. congrats.