i believe

I'm not foaming at the mouth or anything about it, but I went back to the chiropractor on Friday. As Dylan says, 'In order to gather enough empirical data, you need to experience something a few times at least.' Or something like that.

When I laid (lied? lay? my eight-grade English learnin' has left me) down on the table she said that my right leg was about an inch and a half shorter than my left. I'm not sure how this happens, but I guess it's pretty common. Well, during the 'procedure' I actually felt my pelvis shifting downward on my right side. It was pretty weird.

And, I woke up today with the realization that my back didn't hurt at all.

It's a feeling I could get used to.


Dylan said...

I thought I said, "In order to find out if yer gettin shucked, you gotta get shucked real good." Or something like that.

Glad it's better! Now, was it the walk or the chiropractor?

craptastic said...

probably a little of both.