an experiment

Watch out Iron Chef 'cause I'm comin' for ya.

Tonight I made chicken curry with red pepper, onion and golden raisins over acorn squash.

If you know me, you know my culinary skills amount to nuking a veggie burger and making a salad. That, or a bowl of cereal are the highlights of my cooking endeavors. But, tonight I actually decided to try cooking an actual meal.

And, 100% of people surveyed (uh, that'd be me) agreed that it was a resounding success.

Plus, I have enough left over for tomorrow's lunch.


Ann said...

Congrats on your culinary foray! Isn't it fun? Alright, I know, don't push it. Last night Dylan and I made Thai curry w/ bay scallops over rice for six adults. I'm used to cooking for two. I can't imagine cooking for a family of 10 or something! I'm sitting in Jackson with a peek through some trees at the Grand Teton peak. Soon must get out... it's very cold though, below zero. Dylan's gone off with Dad...

craptastic said...

the answer is bigger pots.

get out there and enjoy jackson already. to heck with the cold.

Ann said...

I notice you said "to heck" with the cold. Way to go on the New Year's Resolution!