catching up

Dylan's mom turned one of his photos of our snowshoe outing into a painting. That's me and Rogan!

News updates:

• I'm fighting the crud AGAIN. I don't know what's up with my body this year, but I haven't been sick this many times in such a short span in, well, ever. Maybe the viruses are just especially virulent. Or maybe I can attribute it to my age.

• I took a really long fall at the gym tonight. My first one of that magnitude on a lead climb. It wasn't even really that scary. I didn't realize what was happening until Dylan had already caught me. I got back on the climb, but still couldn't make it, so I had to give up. It was a good experience for me and hopefully after a couple more like that, I won't be so scared of falling while I lead.

• I couldn't watch the SotU. Just seeing his smug, condescending face caused my blood to boil up into my brain and the rage to flower, so I had to turn the channel to something more inane. And soothing.

• KU beat Baylor on Wed. 89 to something or other. But I can't really brag about that too loudly. 'Cause it was Baylor.

• My boss actually liked the website design I did for KRFC, a local radio station. There's a first for everything.

• I've been listening to the new Shins' album, Wincing the Night Away, almost nonstop since I downloaded it on Tuesday. On first listen, I thought it was just more of the same, but after the tenth time or so, I've decided that it's possibly their best yet. There's some experimentation there and they added a female backup singer on a few songs. Which, unusually for me, I actually like.