new music wednesday

In which I make stupid, uneducated observations about music that I've recently downloaded.

I've read mixed reviews about this album, some good, but most bad. Most of the critics who didn't like it, just seem to be disappointed.

But, I have to disagree with the naysayers. It's fantastic. It took me a few listens to like their self-titled debut, but once I did, I decided that it was genius. And probably the best album of 2005. Maybe it's because I'm more used to their sound this time around, but I liked this one on first listen.

Sure, it sounds like CYHSY, but I think that's in large part due to the lead singer's unique voice. Any song he sings is going to sound like CYHSY. What I like about this album is they're starting to experiment with the instrumentation behind his voice. They're playing with Eastern European, techno and even bluegrass. It makes the listening experience very rich and interesting.

I'm so intrigued with it that I haven't even listened to any of the other four albums I downloaded yesterday.

I give it four thumbs up.


oh. and this.

So I got to watch the KU game last night against Nebraska and all I have to say is snore. It was Yawnfest 2007. Nebraska scored a total of six points in the first half. Or something like that. I don't remember. I know they went about 10 minutes without making a single bucket.

Sometimes it's nice to watch the not-so-close games, my heart appreciates it anyhow, but last night I just couldn't really muster up the interest. Maybe it's all the mucus that has invaded my sinus passages.

If you didn't watch and have even an ounce of interest, go here to read all about it. At least the reading won't be as boring as watching it was.

god really does exist

I was perusing the internet this evening, well, a large part of the day actually 'cause I'm home sick and I happened to find the freakin. coolest. thing. ever.

You download. You install. You open up your iTunes. You turn on your visualizer. And then you get to see which of your favorite bands are coming to a concert venue near you.

Do you realize how awesome this is? No more trolling the internet for endless hours trying to figure out who's on tour. No more clicking through all of the venues' sites to see if maybe, just maybe someone whom you might actually want to see play live is coming there any time soon.

Thank you geeky dude, whomever you are, for toiling away, slaving over your keyboard, and accomplishing something that will make my life oh so much better. Here's to you. You will go to Heaven for this. I swear.


an experiment

Watch out Iron Chef 'cause I'm comin' for ya.

Tonight I made chicken curry with red pepper, onion and golden raisins over acorn squash.

If you know me, you know my culinary skills amount to nuking a veggie burger and making a salad. That, or a bowl of cereal are the highlights of my cooking endeavors. But, tonight I actually decided to try cooking an actual meal.

And, 100% of people surveyed (uh, that'd be me) agreed that it was a resounding success.

Plus, I have enough left over for tomorrow's lunch.



2006 was inarguably a fantastic year for new music, so you'll forgive me that I missed a couple that would've made my 'top of' list had I not been so ignorant.

The Thermals | The Blood, the Body, the Machine
An entire album about the lead singer's relationship with God? Sounds rather boring, right? Guess again. Soul searching lyrics sung over growling guitars, jangling melodies and post-punk anger make this an album you can spend some time with.

The Long Winters | Putting the Days to Bed
Power pop that's driven by guitars and lyrics that are sardonic and witty give the perfect backdrop to John Roderick's deep, playful voice and toe-tapping melodies. Another one that you won't walk away from any time soon.

Please forgive me you two. Had I known about you, you definitely would've made the top twelve.

where it's at

The Big 12 Conference was exciting today. Well, at least as a whole. KU's game against CU was a huge yawnfest. 97-74. The Buffs tried really, really hard to come back after the first half, but they fell apart pretty quickly and just plain ran out of juice. It was nice to see some of the walk-ons get some minutes there at the end.

Chalmers and Rush both had 21 points each. That's how badly CU fell apart. What was amazing was the sheer number of turnovers. By both teams, but especially CU. Holy crap. They just couldn't hang on to the ball. The 'Hawks got 34 points off of turnovers alone. For more detailed stats, go here.

In other Big 12 news though, Texas barely, and I mean barely beat Baylor. Yep you heard it right. BAYLOR. And, Missouri beat Texas Tech, making me feel not so bad about losing to Bobby Knight last week. I mean, we beat Missouri, so... I don't care what anyone else says (I'm lookin' at you Derek), the Big 12 is the best conference in the country. The ACC and SEC are so last century.

KU holds the number one position in conference with 18-3 overall and 5-1 in conference.

In other areas of the country, Arizona is completely falling apart, losing pretty badly to He Who Shall Not Be Named today. I don't feel that badly for Lute though, he's had his share of great years. If nothing else he can look back fondly to 1997.


catching up

Dylan's mom turned one of his photos of our snowshoe outing into a painting. That's me and Rogan!

News updates:

• I'm fighting the crud AGAIN. I don't know what's up with my body this year, but I haven't been sick this many times in such a short span in, well, ever. Maybe the viruses are just especially virulent. Or maybe I can attribute it to my age.

• I took a really long fall at the gym tonight. My first one of that magnitude on a lead climb. It wasn't even really that scary. I didn't realize what was happening until Dylan had already caught me. I got back on the climb, but still couldn't make it, so I had to give up. It was a good experience for me and hopefully after a couple more like that, I won't be so scared of falling while I lead.

• I couldn't watch the SotU. Just seeing his smug, condescending face caused my blood to boil up into my brain and the rage to flower, so I had to turn the channel to something more inane. And soothing.

• KU beat Baylor on Wed. 89 to something or other. But I can't really brag about that too loudly. 'Cause it was Baylor.

• My boss actually liked the website design I did for KRFC, a local radio station. There's a first for everything.

• I've been listening to the new Shins' album, Wincing the Night Away, almost nonstop since I downloaded it on Tuesday. On first listen, I thought it was just more of the same, but after the tenth time or so, I've decided that it's possibly their best yet. There's some experimentation there and they added a female backup singer on a few songs. Which, unusually for me, I actually like.



I missed the game yesterday due to the snowshoeing, but it looks like it would've just made me mad, so it's most likely a good thing.

Damn you Bobby Knight. I guess pure orneriness and being mean is getting you somewhere after all.

Evil has once again won the day.

an outing

Dylan and I decided on Friday, while drinking beer at Coops, that it was time for a snowshoe outing. As long as the weather was cooperative.

I woke up Saturday morning not really all that excited to go, but by the time Dylan called at 9.5a I was ready to kick it.

We decided to try a new part of the county that Dylan had only visited once before, and I, never. Rist Canyon. It's even closer to home than Poudre Canyon and I'm not sure why I've never ventured up there before. It only took about an hour to get to the 'trailhead' and that was mostly because the road still had enough snow on it to make me nervous about the sliding around.

The hike was great. The temperature was so warm that we were in short sleeves for most of the trip. The fire road we were on gave us pleny of level terrain without any brush or trees or those big, lumpy rocks. And with only 600' in elevation, we covered 6.8 miles in a little over three hours. That's pretty good time on snowshoes.

Even the R-dog did well. She had to 'swim' in a few places, but she trudged gamely on without lagging behind for the entire trip.

I know I say it a lot, but it was great to get outside and enjoy the mountains. I realized that due to all the snow on the ground, I had been feeling pretty trapped and claustrophobic.

I now feel a little more sane.

i believe

I'm not foaming at the mouth or anything about it, but I went back to the chiropractor on Friday. As Dylan says, 'In order to gather enough empirical data, you need to experience something a few times at least.' Or something like that.

When I laid (lied? lay? my eight-grade English learnin' has left me) down on the table she said that my right leg was about an inch and a half shorter than my left. I'm not sure how this happens, but I guess it's pretty common. Well, during the 'procedure' I actually felt my pelvis shifting downward on my right side. It was pretty weird.

And, I woke up today with the realization that my back didn't hurt at all.

It's a feeling I could get used to.


last thought of the week

For some reason, I wrote 'Apostle of Hustle' on one of my file folders which is sitting on my desk at work. Near my phone. I have no idea what it refers to, or why I wrote it down.

It's funny though. And makes me think of a guy in Jesus' batch of disciples urging everyone to hurry up and get it done. He was the one who converted the most Jews.


rambling, random thursday

In which I make inane observations:

The guy in Missouri who kidnapped those two boys and is now pleading NOT guilty? WTF? Dude. They found the kids IN YOUR APARTMENT. How did they get in there if you didn't kidnap them? 'Uh. Look, Ma, someone must've broken into my apartment while I was gone and instead of taking my crappy 13" tv and my pot stash, they left two kids here.' One who's apparently been there for FOUR YEARS. Douchebag.

I so don't feel like working today. I'm sleepy.

The combination of nuclear weapons in the hands of madmen and our president being a complete, drooling moron has caused 'them' to move the Doomsday Clock up by two minutes. We only have five minutes left people. Get all the Twinkie® eating and whiskey drinking in while you can. (For some reason, that I can't fathom, no one else seems as upset by this news as I am.) For a more detailed, probably saner, look at the clock in all of its frightening portential glory, click here.

Bush has said that he will likely veto any bill passed by Congress to reduce the APR on student loans. Why? What possible reason could he have for not wanting to make it easier for people to go to school? Remember how he was all, 'I will work with the new Democrat-controlled Congress.' after the November elections? Yeah. Whatever, W. You're a douchebag also.

I'm supposed to be coming up with a 'Brazilian-influenced' design for an ad for a bottled-water company and a logo for a local 'homegrown' radio station. I want to do neither.

I started taking Melatonin at night to help me sleep instead of Sleepy Time® and at first, it was working pretty well, but then, for some reason, last night, NOT AT ALL. Hence. The sleepiness of me. What I've also started wondering about is if melatonin comes from the pineal gland, where are the product makers getting the melatonin to make the pills? I imagine that they are sticking really long needles in people's brains while they're sleeping to extract it. Hey. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to sleep lately. They've been stealing all of MY melatonin to make the melatonin pills and now I have to take their melatonin in order to sleep. It's a vicious cycle.

Ok. That's all I got. Happy Thursdays.


holy s@%t

We so did not deserve to win that game. But I'm so glad we did.

The best part about it? I got to 'watch' it with a friend from back home.

:the rest of this post is a little, uh, x-rated. avert your eyes if you're easily offended:

t. said...
The new Mizzou coach looks so nice and respectable compared to ol' Quinn.

8:09 PM
t. said...
7-6 Mizzou right now. They don't seem intimidated at all.

8:13 PM
t . said...
I am sensing Mizzou's strategy here. It starts with an "S" and rhymes with "loot a lot of screes."

That UPS commercial is sampling the Postal Service.

I am just going to sit here making bad rhyming jokes and pointless observations all by myself aren't I?

8:48 PM
t. said...
40-39 at halftime. 14 lead changes. 4 ties.

Man, this matchup NEVER disappoints.

Also. I can't help myself. I really like that Mizzou coach. Damn them for hiring someone admirable (so far)!

9:17 PM
d said...
i just switched over, 'cause i thought the game started at 8, uncertain if i would get to see any 'hawks action and was delighted to discover that, yes, i do get to see the game.

two seconds later, i realize how crappy they are playing and am a little dismayed.

9:22 PM
d said...
and, yes. the postal service. i meant to post about that a few days ago and forgot.

9:24 PM
d said...
and the previews for 'the hitcher'? AWESOME!

9:26 PM
d said...
ok. the last couple of minutes seem somewhat promising.

if we can't beat mizzou. well…

9:28 PM
t . said...
There is some pretty awesome shot blocking going on though.

Whenever I see previews for the Hitcher I just think - come on - who the fuck picks up a lone male hitchhiker??

9:28 PM
d said...
and north carolina beat uconn. dammit.

9:28 PM
d said...
dammit. dammit. dammit.

9:30 PM
t. said...
Mizzou is 0 - 3 in conference play. They just CAN'T win. RIGHT???

9:31 PM
t. said...
That North Carolina score is Women's B-ball. Crappy. So no joy for Scroy in that one.

9:31 PM
d said...
k-state beat them for chris' sake. surely we can. we're playing at home, right? if we can't beat mizzou at home…

9:32 PM
d said...
oh. good. about the nc. i didn't see that it was women's.

and, the hitcher? yes, idiots pick up lone male hitchhikers. still looks awesome.

9:33 PM
t. said...
Uhm. This commentator clearly doesn't read the Journal World re: no one leaving early from KU. Arthur is already talking about it.

9:35 PM
t. said...

10 -0 run by Mizzou. Motherfucking Shit.

9:36 PM
d said...
kahn just made a basket? wtf? and then the response. this is making my heart palpitate and my hands sweat.

9:38 PM
t. said...
You have got to be kidding me.

When the White Russian is our go-to guy shit is not going well.

Offensive foul. Going to have a heart attack.

9:39 PM
t. said...
At least we'll die together, D. Well, if posting on the same blog at the same time counts as together.

9:40 PM
t. said...
NO NO NO NO. I think they have forgotten which basket to aim for.

9:42 PM
d said...
oh. it does.

kahn just got a rebound. wtf? c'mon kansas. you gotta make those.

i'm anticipating the yelling coming on.

9:42 PM
t. said...
I have already frightened the Abster a couple of times with The Yelling.

NOT AT HOME. MIZZOU is not allowed to beat us like this at home. Clearly, somebody forgot to tell them The Rules.

9:44 PM
t. said...
Oh god. Scroy and Norm.


I'm losing it.

9:44 PM
d said...
there's still almost 8 minutes left. breathe.

boo. i just saw coy. i hate him. with all of my being.

9:45 PM
d said...
oh thank god. but then. a foul.


9:47 PM
d said...
OMG! no way. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT.

9:47 PM
t. said...
Our Hate will make us mighty!! Or something.

God Mizzou has all the momentum. All of it.

9:48 PM
d said...
c'mon hannah. foul.

get the fucking rebound!

ok. but we'll take a foul.

9:49 PM
d said...
the r-dog had to leave the room.

9:50 PM
t. said...
Foul does us a lot of good when noone is making their freaking free throws.

Under five. Three down. We can do this.

9:51 PM
d said...
it's about damn time.

9:51 PM
t. said...
Poor r-dog. She doesn't know why her dad is so crazy.

9:51 PM
d said...
we can totally do this.

9:51 PM
d said...
no. i think she thinks i'm yelling at her.

9:52 PM
d said...
c'mon. make it count.

9:53 PM
t. said...

Travel. Yes. One down. Four minutes. Come on.

Get Mad, Bill! Throw a chair!

9:53 PM
t. said...

Oh jesus.


9:54 PM
d said...
fouled by horton. a dr. seuss story.

my heart is racing.

9:55 PM
t. said...
Bill is telling them something wonderful and inspirational and calming and perfect RIGHT THIS SECOND. And it will make everything OK. RIGHT???

9:56 PM
d said...
apparently. yes. c'mon ku. keep on, keepin' on.

dammit. arthur.

9:58 PM
t. said...
Cannot. handle. it.


9:59 PM
d said...


i love you collins. i will have your babies.

9:59 PM
t. said...

10:00 PM
t. said...

10:00 PM
d said...
omg. motherfucking yes. thank you collins. again. i will have your babies.

10:01 PM
t. said...

10:01 PM
d said...
one minute. one motherfucking point. C'MON KU!

10:02 PM
t. said...
I so can't handle overtime. I mean, I'll take it, rather than losing in regulation. But please, just score and hold the damn ball.

10:03 PM
d said...
holy jesus. two blocks in a row? dammit. and a foul.

10:04 PM
d said...
that was a bad call.

10:04 PM
t. said...
OH SHIT. That block was so thugged out.


10:04 PM
d said...
oh how much i love you collins.


10:05 PM
d said...
oh. that was a really bad turnover.

10:05 PM
t. said...
I don't even know what to say about that.

10:06 PM
t. said...
All of Collins babies are belong to us!!

Me no sense can make.

11 seconds.

10:06 PM
d said...
sweet baby jesus. oh thank god. i nearly wet myself.

10:08 PM
t. said...
We had no business winning that game.

But oh thank sweet jesus that we did. Thank you KU b-ball spirits. Thank you!!

10:08 PM
t. said...
Lesson learned: basketball is really all about jesus.

10:08 PM
d said...
ok. i can't have collins' babies. look at that stupid thing he has shaved in his head.

and he can't talk.

10:09 PM
t. said...
Collins. You wonderful man. You have a goofy lightening bolt shaved into your hair. Our babies cannot do that to their hair.

10:09 PM
d said...
and bball is all about jesus.

i most go get a bowl of cereal now.

thanks for watching the game with me.

10:09 PM
t. said...
Oh, crappy. I miss watching games with you.

10:10 PM
t. said...
I am laughing so hard. Yay for KU.

Shaq is such a freaking moron.

OK. I am out.

10:11 PM
d said...
me too. nice mlk shoutout. then ruined by shaq. you tool.

and i'm still laughing about 'our babies can't do that to their hair.'
10:11 PM

Sorry for all of the cursing, but it was a really close game. 80-77. Collins had a career high 23 points!

i'm ready. i'm ready. i'm ready.

I finally got the snow tires on my bike. Many people have asked me what the heck snow tires are in regards to a bike, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go:

I also bought one of those fancy Cateye® lights for the riding when-the-sun-goes-down times. Did I need one? Not really. I have another light already (one that is big, clunky and aesthetically unpleasing), and I use a headlamp, but it's so small and pretty:

I couldn't resist.

Wish me a happy, injury-free ride tomorrow.

i love you mlk

Because you were such a great man and deserve to be honored, my boss decided to give me the day off of work. So. A big shoutout to you, sir. Thanks for everything.

Unfortunately, since it's currently only 2ยบ outside and when I shoveled the driveway earlier, my fingers almost fell off, I've had to find ways to entertain myself indoors.

In that vein, things to do when you're stuck inside:

• Channel surf
• Spend a lot of time online
• Take a really long shower
• Clip your fingernails
• Scrutinize your toenails and decide that they could use some attention as well
• Finally change the tire on your bike that you've been meaning to for the past week
• Contemplate doing yoga, decide that later will be soon enough
• Download some music
• Read some news
• Wish desperately that you had some Doritos


i believe they call that a rout

In the first game of conference play for the season, No 6 KU stomped all over No 9 OSU. Thank you basketball gods. That sacrificial lamb, goat and small child I found wandering around in my neighborhood must've been to your liking. It seems that the 'Hawks played like they're supposed to last night with 56% from the field and 66% on free throws. Even Sasha Kaun made his free throws. Unbelievable.

I do feel bad for this kid:


the testing never ends. no matter how old you are.

Tonight at the gym I decided to try and take the Lead Test so I can start leading some climbs. I felt extremely nervous and a little afraid of failure. Well, I did it. I passed. I think with flying colors. Or at least the guy proctoring the test said I was 'good to go.'

Then I did a somewhat shaky lead on a 5.8 that was next door to the Lead Test climb (which is a 5.9), but at least I finished without falling. It was close though.

After that I was pretty hosed so took it easy for the rest of the night. The gym was crazy full though. All those darn resolution makers. Hopefully, they'll give up in a couple of weeks.


winter blows

After spending a fitful, restless night of tossing and turning for no reason I can discern, I finally got out of bed at 6a and turned on the Weather Channel.

Now, don't think I'm a freak, well, at least not for that. I don't normally turn on the Weather Channel first thing in the morning., but we were supposed to go snowshoeing, and I wanted to see what the weather was going to be like up in the mountains. Turns out not so good. It's great in Fort Collins, but apparently about 15 miles up the Poudre Canyon it's shite. They're saying 25 - 30 mph winds which are causing something called a 'ground blizzard.'

So, no snowshoeing today.

Last night while surfing the interbunny, I discovered that someone out there makes winter tires for bicycles. So, instead of braving the snow, I'm going to go to Lee's to see if I can find some new kicks for my bike. I looked online this morning and couldn't find any, but that's probably because I don't know what I'm looking for, so I'm thinking I should go ask the experts. That way I can start riding again.

I'm going to do my best to not let winter get the best of me.



I've had lower back pain for about a gazillion years and have just sort of learned to live with it. About a year ago, I bought a new bed and that seemed to abate it somewhat, that is, until I got those couple of massages. Ever since, my back seems to be constantly tight and in a not small amount of pain. Especially if I sit for too long. Which, of course, having a desk job, I do every day.

So, a friend recommended this chiropractor to me and I decided to at least try it and see if that might work. I'm not sure what I really paid for, but all she did was this weird flicking motion on my neck and my butt. I was expecting some tugging at the very least. I came away feeling not any different and like I had been snowed. And, today, my back hurts worse than ever.

So much for the hocus pocus. I guess I'll just keep popping the Advil®.


when bad things happen to good people

I woke up this morning after having several weird dreams about shopping malls and libraries with a Spice Girls' song in my head. I have no idea how it got there. And it made me mad.

And, I discovered a huge tumor-like zit on my jaw. It could seriously be a new form of torture: develop a way to clog prisoners' pores and then let them grow into massive zits. Then all they would have to do is press on them to make the prisoners talk. This thing hurts like a mo and feels like it is taking over my entire face.

Plus, my resolutions aren't going so well. My boss is on vacation all week, so I've been able to remain fairly positive at work, but the not cussing isn't proceeding as well as I'd like. It's hard to not cuss. There are so many things that just need to be cussed about.

So, tell me what you want. What you really, really want.


my top albums of '06

Here are my top ten albums of the past year. These are albums that I found myself listening to over and over again and coming back to repeatedly. I struggled mightily to pick a number ten and failed miserably so three albums ended up in a tie.

10c. TV on the Radio | Return to Cookie Mountain
These guys use a mix of blues, jazz, rock and pop to produce an album that makes you feel happy to sing along with all the while tapping your toe with complete abandon. This is their second full-length album which outstrips their debut by a long shot.

10b. Damien Rice | 9
I'm a little in love with this guy, so I may be a little biased when it comes to his latest effort. I'll admit that it's not as good as 'O', but it's still pretty solid and there are some pretty amazing tracks. I get the impression that he's stretching himself a little, and in some instances it doesn't really work all that well, but in others it soars.

10a. Anathallo | Floating World
Surprisingly, there's a lot of good music coming out of Michigan these days, and these guys are a small part of that crowd. Many people write them off because their roots are in faith-based music, but here, their fourth issue, they break away from their beginnings and explore a Japanese fable in lyrical terms.

9. Band of Horses | Everything All the Time
Southern indie rock from the Northwest? Yes. And it's good. These guys are critic darlings and for once the critics were right. I'm eager to hear their sophmore album to know if they can sustain what they've started.

8. The Kingdom | K1
This debut album is about a fictional race in which 'the Kingdom racer' pilots a variety of vehicles through a diverse landscape. Now, on the surface, this sounds kind of cheesy, but in reality, the story is just a recurring undertone and not very apparent. What is apparent are some catchy melodies and a sound not unlike Echo and the Bunnymen.

7. Calexico | Garden Ruin
This is Calexico's most listener friendly album to date. Up to this point they could probably be best described as 'experimental,' mixing such things as flamenco, jazz and mariachi music together to create a distinct, vibrant sound. 'Garden Ruin' sees them turning more to straightforward rock, something they pull off just as easily.

6. M. Ward | Post War
A lot of people didn't like this album as much as his earlier efforts, but I think it's pretty stunning. I may be a little biased because this was the album I saw him perform live in Chicago, but there is still some really amazing stuff here.

5. Silversun Pickups | Carnavas
These guys are also from the Northwest and have a sound that is not unlike the Smashing Pumpkins. I love the Smashing Pumpkins and was extremely sad when Billy Corgan finally let the crazy out and broke up the band. Now, there's something to fill the void. I'm afraid it may be short-lived however, as the lead singer looks like he may have a serious addiction to heroin and probably won't make it too much longer.

4. The Decemberists | The Crane Wife
I still say that 'Castaways and Cutouts,' (their debut) is their best album yet, but this album is a pretty close second. Another album based on a Japanese fable, it tells a story of a man who finds a wounded crane on his doorstep and nurses it back to health. The next day, a woman appears at his door and they soon get married. She quickly makes him rich by weaving this extraordinary fabric. When he discovers that she was the crane he saved and is using her own feathers on her loom, she flies away and he never sees her again.

3. Tapes 'N' Tapes | The Loon
This line from a Pitchfork review sums this band up better than I could, 'Inconsistency, Tapes 'n Tapes understand, adds character and colorizes personality; it also keeps listeners off-balance and wanting more.' I bought this album on a whim because a friend recommended it, and I'm very glad that I did. They're almost as good as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

2. Josh Ritter | The Animal Years
People are really sick of hearing me rave about this guy. As is evidenced by the glazing over of their eyes and the yawns not so subtly hidden behind their hands. But I can't help myself. This is his third album and his best one yet. I never really thought I would be a huge fan of a folk musician, but his songs are so honest and compelling that it's hard not to be.

1. Califone | Roots and Crowns
I discovered this album accidentally (it was on a 'best of' list somewhere a couple of months ago) and I'm immensely happy that I did. It's one of those albums that is solid from beginning to end and one of those that makes me feel happy I'm alive when I listen to it. Scratchy, dirty, synthesized Americana music from a Chicago-based band that has been devloping their sound for the past ten years or so. With this, the apex. Again, from Pitchfork, 'It is old and new, dirty and clean, alienating and accessible, sweet and ugly, organic and industrial, doting and vicious. It is one of the most quintessentially American records imaginable.'

it's ought 7

I'm sitting here fairly amazed that it's 2007. In my mind it's still the late 90s so this whole 2000 thing is still really weird.

I was lame, lame, lame and did pretty much nothing last night. Ann, Dylan and I went to the gym yesterday to climb and then we went to Coopersmith's for beer and grub. I had pretty much planned on just going home after that, but Nikki called and invited me over for dinner. After burning the crap out of my lip on a jalapeno popper and devouring a bunch of crab legs, I came back home and was in bed by 11p.

I'm not usually up for the whole resolution thing, but I have decided to try to change two things about myself:

1) I'm going to develop a better attitude about work. It's a decent job with good benefits. Who cares if they don't think I'm capable of turning on my computer by myself? Plus, I can stick it out for eight months until I go back to school. Right? Right.

2) I'm going to stop cussing. So, now I'll be saying things like 'shoot' and 'fudge.'

Check back with me Tuesday afternoon and see how I'm doing.