let the gorging commence

Yesterday, I joined Ann, Dylan, Doug, Liz, Sarrada, Jason and Alan at Alan's house for the first annual Friendsgiving. We were supposed to do it a few weeks ago, but everyone was too stressed out and busy to put much effort into it, so we postponed until yesterday. We had the typical Thanksgiving dinner with an organic, healthy twist. The food was delicious. Alan made the turkey, Ann and Dylan brought stuffing, Sarrada and Jason made green bean salad and mashed potatoes and Liz and Doug brought their infamous Fucking Pear Salad.

Luckily, for everyone involved I wasn't required to cook anything. A few days ago, Ann told me to bring cranberry sauce and a dessert, and at first that kind of freaked me out a little because, I don't cook and I most definitely do not bake, but then I discovered that at Whole Foods some genius at some point in time decided to sell premade pies. Thank you Whole Foods genius. Whoever you are.

Even though we all knew better, we stuffed ourselves. How could we not? I think it's mandatory this time of year any way. We worked it off a little by playing in the park after dinner and then engaging in a rousing game of Dutch Blitz. An extremely active card game invented by the Mennonites. Think War on speed.

We decided that the first annual Friendsgiving was a resounding success. Or as Dylan said, 'a resounding excess.'

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