in the air again

I just spent about $2,000 for a sandwich in the airport and I'm surreptitiously looking at these two old people who are standing outside the gate watching their granddaughter's (?) plane pull away from the gate. I guess to make sure that it gets off the ground safely. It's pretty cute.

I got about four hours of sleep last night because Tina and I stayed up too late talking and giggling. It was so girly. I felt like I was about fifteen and had suddenly sprouted boobs and was at my first slumber party. So, I'm tired. Plus, on the way to the airport I got pulled over by a Kansas State trooper somewhere in Coffey County for going 88 in a 70 mph zone. And he gave me a ticket. Dammit. But I deserved it. For not getting pulled over the other two times I probably should've. Regardless, I still made it to the airport about two and half hours before my flight is supposed to leave. God, I love Kansas.

So I heard that northeastern 'rado is going to get a bunch more snow. Supposedly, it's not going to start until late afternoon, but dammit, they are always way off base with the predicting of the weather. They're saying that we're probably going to get about 30", so I figure that we either will get about 2" or 48". I'm praying for 2".

Think good thoughts that I don't get stuck in the Denver airport until Sunday. But if I do, I have some awesome Elissa-made pumpkin bread to stave off the starvation.

P.S. Weirdly my friend Cristi just walked off the plane I'm getting ready to board. It's not very often that something like that happens. It was a great surprise. Plus, I got a couple of hugs out of it.

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