home again

Well, I'm back home. It took two hours to get from Denver to Fort Collins. Two hours. Usually it only takes about one of those, but the bus driver was being extremely cautious and driving very slowly. Which wasn't such a bad idea I guess. It would've really sucked to die on the Shamrock Shuttle.

He dropped us off at the Harmony exit just as the snow started to fall in earnest. My friend Nikki was there to pick me up and she was nice enough to taxi me to the kennel to pick up the R-dog. Who was pretty excited to come back home. Nothing makes you feel more worthwhile than a dog who's really, really excited to see you. Nikki got me home and then I rushed to get to the grocery store before the snow made it impossible to return. Where the shelves were already pretty empty. Seriously. I got the last loaf of bread. And they didn't have any bananas. Not one. I just grabbed stuff and threw it into the cart, so who knows what I ended up with.

So, I woke up this morning and it looks like we only got about eight inches. Nowhere near the 36" they were saying. Thank god. I still probably can't get back up the hill to my house though, so it looks like I won't be driving anywhere any time soon. Would it be stupid to ride my bike?

Anybody wanna come over and shovel some snow? Just askin'.

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