feastival 06

Every year, for the past five (I think) my friends from Lawrence and I have gotten together to enjoy the fine tradition of Feastival. The idea originally came about because we wanted to have a friend's Thanksgiving to celebrate, well, our friendship. It used to take place some time loosely between Thanksgiving and Christmas, then we all moved away and it became easier to get us all together in the days between Christmas and New Year's, as that way we could, you know, also see our families.

The first year we celebrated it, we went all out and cooked an elaborate, obnoxious meal that could've fed about five families. We had six people. The aftermath was not pretty. So, being somewhat intelligent people, we learned from our mistake and started to tone it down in subsequent years, leading to this year where we didn't even have Thanksgiving-type food. Instead, Elissa made an Italian dish called Tympano (sp?) that ended up literally being a drum of food. It was delicious.

Mostly, it's become an excuse to get together and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Which we barely need an excuse for anyway. Witness the Booze Tray, or Tray o' Booze, whichever you prefer (what you can't see is all of the beer in the fridge, trust me, there was a lot):

We stayed up really late both nights talking and laughing and drinking and playing Dutch Blitz. Yes. Dutch Blitz. Who'd've thunk that I know so many people who know this random game invented by Mennonites?

It was a ton of fun. I'm a little sad to leave because I miss these people greatly and wish that we could all be closer to one another, but I guess I should be thankful that we got at least a couple of days together, huh?

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