the fam

We had a plethora of people for Christmas this year. For the past few years (not counting last year) it's just been me and my folks. Then a couple of years ago, shortly after I moved to 'rado, my parents moved back to Anderson where my mom grew up to be closer to my grandparents and to escape the armpit of the universe. In June, my sister and her husband moved back to Topeka (it's a long story), so they came down and my grandparents of course were there. It was nice. To have us all together. The only person missing was my little brother. Well, missing may be the wrong word, as none of us were all that sorry that he didn't show up. Without him there we could avoid any fighting or tension.

Anderson is located in the Ozark mountains of southern Missouri, so there's some decent hiking to be found there. Usually, as is the case with a lot of people in this country, there's a lot of sitting around at Christmas time staring at each other, but this year we decided to go on a little hike at this place that's about fifteen minutes from my folks' house. It was nice to get out and do a little something active.

It was great to see my family again and especially my sister whom I haven't seen in about three years. But what was really nice was spending a few days in a place that doesn't have any snow on the ground.

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