just in case you were wondering

The 'Hawks won their sixth straight game in a row tonight. Now it's time for conference play. I'm nervous.

the day after the day after the snow

So, for two nights in a row now I've enjoyed the benefit of a full night's sleep. Without the aid of Sleepy Time. All I have to say is, 'it's about damn time.'

I woke up at 7a and decided to go down into the scary basement to run on the treadmill. I haven't done running of any sort for about a gazillion years. Needless to say, I'll be a little sore tomorrow.

I also took the R-dog for a walk today. Can I just say that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will bring a smile to your face like watching a dog try to run through two feet of snow. She seemed pretty happy about it as well. Getting outside helped me feel a little less cooped up and staved off the stir crazies. A little. It's amazing how I can spend all weekend inside and not care in the least. When I choose to do so. But when I'm forced to. Nuts.


i heart everyone

I just went outside to shovel the driveway to discover that one of my anonymous neighbors decided to clear my driveway with a snow blower. Awesome. You rock dude. Or dudette. It kind of brought a little tear to my eye.

I, in turn, decided to pay it forward as it were and shovel mine and my other neighbor's sidewalks. Then I cleared off the deck so Rogan can actually go to the bathroom somewhere else.

home again

Well, I'm back home. It took two hours to get from Denver to Fort Collins. Two hours. Usually it only takes about one of those, but the bus driver was being extremely cautious and driving very slowly. Which wasn't such a bad idea I guess. It would've really sucked to die on the Shamrock Shuttle.

He dropped us off at the Harmony exit just as the snow started to fall in earnest. My friend Nikki was there to pick me up and she was nice enough to taxi me to the kennel to pick up the R-dog. Who was pretty excited to come back home. Nothing makes you feel more worthwhile than a dog who's really, really excited to see you. Nikki got me home and then I rushed to get to the grocery store before the snow made it impossible to return. Where the shelves were already pretty empty. Seriously. I got the last loaf of bread. And they didn't have any bananas. Not one. I just grabbed stuff and threw it into the cart, so who knows what I ended up with.

So, I woke up this morning and it looks like we only got about eight inches. Nowhere near the 36" they were saying. Thank god. I still probably can't get back up the hill to my house though, so it looks like I won't be driving anywhere any time soon. Would it be stupid to ride my bike?

Anybody wanna come over and shovel some snow? Just askin'.

in the air again

I just spent about $2,000 for a sandwich in the airport and I'm surreptitiously looking at these two old people who are standing outside the gate watching their granddaughter's (?) plane pull away from the gate. I guess to make sure that it gets off the ground safely. It's pretty cute.

I got about four hours of sleep last night because Tina and I stayed up too late talking and giggling. It was so girly. I felt like I was about fifteen and had suddenly sprouted boobs and was at my first slumber party. So, I'm tired. Plus, on the way to the airport I got pulled over by a Kansas State trooper somewhere in Coffey County for going 88 in a 70 mph zone. And he gave me a ticket. Dammit. But I deserved it. For not getting pulled over the other two times I probably should've. Regardless, I still made it to the airport about two and half hours before my flight is supposed to leave. God, I love Kansas.

So I heard that northeastern 'rado is going to get a bunch more snow. Supposedly, it's not going to start until late afternoon, but dammit, they are always way off base with the predicting of the weather. They're saying that we're probably going to get about 30", so I figure that we either will get about 2" or 48". I'm praying for 2".

Think good thoughts that I don't get stuck in the Denver airport until Sunday. But if I do, I have some awesome Elissa-made pumpkin bread to stave off the starvation.

P.S. Weirdly my friend Cristi just walked off the plane I'm getting ready to board. It's not very often that something like that happens. It was a great surprise. Plus, I got a couple of hugs out of it.


feastival 06

Every year, for the past five (I think) my friends from Lawrence and I have gotten together to enjoy the fine tradition of Feastival. The idea originally came about because we wanted to have a friend's Thanksgiving to celebrate, well, our friendship. It used to take place some time loosely between Thanksgiving and Christmas, then we all moved away and it became easier to get us all together in the days between Christmas and New Year's, as that way we could, you know, also see our families.

The first year we celebrated it, we went all out and cooked an elaborate, obnoxious meal that could've fed about five families. We had six people. The aftermath was not pretty. So, being somewhat intelligent people, we learned from our mistake and started to tone it down in subsequent years, leading to this year where we didn't even have Thanksgiving-type food. Instead, Elissa made an Italian dish called Tympano (sp?) that ended up literally being a drum of food. It was delicious.

Mostly, it's become an excuse to get together and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Which we barely need an excuse for anyway. Witness the Booze Tray, or Tray o' Booze, whichever you prefer (what you can't see is all of the beer in the fridge, trust me, there was a lot):

We stayed up really late both nights talking and laughing and drinking and playing Dutch Blitz. Yes. Dutch Blitz. Who'd've thunk that I know so many people who know this random game invented by Mennonites?

It was a ton of fun. I'm a little sad to leave because I miss these people greatly and wish that we could all be closer to one another, but I guess I should be thankful that we got at least a couple of days together, huh?

the fam

We had a plethora of people for Christmas this year. For the past few years (not counting last year) it's just been me and my folks. Then a couple of years ago, shortly after I moved to 'rado, my parents moved back to Anderson where my mom grew up to be closer to my grandparents and to escape the armpit of the universe. In June, my sister and her husband moved back to Topeka (it's a long story), so they came down and my grandparents of course were there. It was nice. To have us all together. The only person missing was my little brother. Well, missing may be the wrong word, as none of us were all that sorry that he didn't show up. Without him there we could avoid any fighting or tension.

Anderson is located in the Ozark mountains of southern Missouri, so there's some decent hiking to be found there. Usually, as is the case with a lot of people in this country, there's a lot of sitting around at Christmas time staring at each other, but this year we decided to go on a little hike at this place that's about fifteen minutes from my folks' house. It was nice to get out and do a little something active.

It was great to see my family again and especially my sister whom I haven't seen in about three years. But what was really nice was spending a few days in a place that doesn't have any snow on the ground.


i made it

With a little bit of divine luck and some cheating on my part, I finally got home last night at about 8p.

I woke up at 4a after an unrestful, fitful night of sleep. The shuttle service kept their side of the bargain and arrived at my house at 6.5a to pick me up. In my hurry to get out of the house, I can't remember whether or not I locked the front door, so when I arrive back in 'rado on Thursday, all of my stuff may be gone.

I didn't arrive at the airport until 8.75a which ended up being something of a concern. I got in line at the skycap to check my bag and discovered that I had mistakenly cut in front of a bunch of people. No one behind me said anything though and I pretended to be clueless. At 9a I walked into the security area and discovered that the line was a couple of miles long. People had been waiting for over two hours to get through to the train. I came upon a bubble in the line where people were milling about confusedly, so I decided to just sneak my way in there. Again, no one said anything and I pretended ignorance.

I got up to the metal detector at 9.50a and had ten minutes to get through, get on the train and get to my gate. And, wouldn't you know, something on me set off the alarm. So, I had to get wanded. And I started freaking out and the lady was rude about it and just kept telling me to wait. When they were finally done fondling me (seriously, I don't let people I know really well touch me in some of the places that he did), I grabbed my stuff off the conveyer belt and made a mad dash for the train. In my socks.

Luckily, my gate was the first one off of the train, so I got to the plane two minutes before it was supposed to take off. Then we ended up sitting on the runway for an hour and a half waiting in another long line of planes that were trying to depart. So we were late getting to Kansas City where I discovered that my bag didn't make it on the plane with me. I had to wait another hour and a half for it to arrive. While I was waiting, I listened to this insane story that this woman was telling her son (?) about her brother (?) who got arrested for attempting to distribute child pornography and then killed himself and his wife while he was out on bail. Not something I would talk about at the top of my lungs in the middle of a crowded airport, but she apparently had no problems sharing the information with complete strangers.

So, a short three-hour drive to my parents' house and I made it home, safe and snug. The travel gods smiled down upon me yesterday, and I feel very lucky and grateful to have survived the trip. I know that karma is going to come back and bite me in the ass for cutting in line (not once, but twice), but I'll be happy to pay the dues when that happens. I think. Ok. I won't, but at least I'll know what it's for, and that I deserve it.

Merry Christmas everyone.


winter fucking wonderland

I spent almost the whole day yesterday shoveling out the driveway. They never bother to plow the street I live on, so one of my neighbors who drives a bigass Bronco decided to drive laps around the square to try and pack some of it down, then my other neighbor and I took our shovels and leveled out some of the high spots. My back hurts. A lot. And, apparently, it wasn't enough. I was able to get out of the neighborhood this morning to take the R-dog to the kennel, but when I tried to get back to my house, I got stuck. Yet another neighbor had to use his Forerunner to pull me out and then I had to leave my car at Nikki's house. Which is twenty minutes outside of town. What was interestin to me about it was how helpful these people were. I've never met any of them before, yet they didn't hesitate to help me out of a jam. Usually, I'm pretty cynical about the human race in general, but it's times like these that give me a little hope.

All this just so I can hopefully, maybe fly out of Denver tomorrow to go home. I've been trying to call the shuttle service all day to see if they're still coming to get me in the morning, but it's been busy.

So, I may get to go home, I may not. Keep your fingers crossed.


snow day

It's 7.45a and I've just woken up to discover that it has finally stopped snowing. The official count is 20", but it looks like a lot more than that to me. I see absolutely no reason to go outside. Even the R-dog has decided that it isn't worth it and has taken to relieving herself on the deck. Two inches from the doggy door.

Thank god the power is still on, or I would probably start chewing on my own arm.


holy mother nature

So you may have seen on the news that the weather forecast for Colorado calls for a little bit of snow over the next couple of days. Well, for once, the weatherpeople were spot on. I woke up this morning and it was just sort of spitting a little and I thought, 'Yep. As usual the forecast was wrong.' And I decided to go into work. By 10a it was snowing buckets. And the wind. You wouldn't believe it. You know how they always say that there's a blizzard outside? But really that means just some snow and a light breeze? Well, I think this qualifies as a blizzard. In the past four hours at least a foot of snow has appeared on the ground out there.

But, don't worry about me. I'm at home. Probably trapped here for the next week or so, but safe. And, I've got snowshoes if I really need to get outside.

At least I won't have to go to work for the next couple of days.


let the gorging commence

Yesterday, I joined Ann, Dylan, Doug, Liz, Sarrada, Jason and Alan at Alan's house for the first annual Friendsgiving. We were supposed to do it a few weeks ago, but everyone was too stressed out and busy to put much effort into it, so we postponed until yesterday. We had the typical Thanksgiving dinner with an organic, healthy twist. The food was delicious. Alan made the turkey, Ann and Dylan brought stuffing, Sarrada and Jason made green bean salad and mashed potatoes and Liz and Doug brought their infamous Fucking Pear Salad.

Luckily, for everyone involved I wasn't required to cook anything. A few days ago, Ann told me to bring cranberry sauce and a dessert, and at first that kind of freaked me out a little because, I don't cook and I most definitely do not bake, but then I discovered that at Whole Foods some genius at some point in time decided to sell premade pies. Thank you Whole Foods genius. Whoever you are.

Even though we all knew better, we stuffed ourselves. How could we not? I think it's mandatory this time of year any way. We worked it off a little by playing in the park after dinner and then engaging in a rousing game of Dutch Blitz. An extremely active card game invented by the Mennonites. Think War on speed.

We decided that the first annual Friendsgiving was a resounding success. Or as Dylan said, 'a resounding excess.'


it's wednesday again

Last night after I finally arrived at my domicile, I sat there eating some scrambled eggs, looking at the box of Christmas cards I still need to send out and decided that I just don't have the energy.

I know that I will feel guilty if I don't, but man. I just don't wanna. So, don't be surprised if I don't spread the joy of the season this year.

Now, it's Wednesday again and I'm cranky about it. Probably because I didn't get to go climbing last night.

And, Monday night I only got about three hours of sleep. It sucks to wake up at 1.5a and realize that you're not ever going back to sleep and you still have about five hours to lie there and stare at the clock, hoping that you might. It's the uncertainty that kills me. 'Cause you think that if you do nothing and lie very, very still, you will be able to sleep again. And, you think that if you get up and start doing stuff that you will not. Then you don't anyway, and you end up wasting five hours that you could've used to at least read a book or something. Or send out Christmas cards.

So, I took sleepy time last night and today I feel sluggish. And sleepy.

Oh, and weirdly, the thumb I sprained back in August has been hurting for the past couple of days. I think it's feeling sympathy pains for my ankle. They share the same side of my body and all. It's freaking me out a little.



So, it's 6.5p and I'm still stuck at work. I am so ready for the crazy times to be over with. It seems like since Thanksgiving rolled around I haven't had time to do anything at work. Except work. What's up with that? Don't they know I have more important things to do? Like surfing. OR working on personal projects. OR reading blogs. I don't know what they want from me, but I didn't sign up for this.


a weekend

Friday night I had to go to the dreaded work Christmas Party. Forced frivolity is one of the things I don't really like about this time of year. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite holiday, and for the most part, I really enjoy the season, I just dread the madatory fun aspect of work situations. I'm not sure why everyone thinks that their employees need these sorts of things in order to feel appreciated. Personally, I'd rather just have some cash. But, it actually wasn't too bad. I like the people I work with and this one was not so much a party as it was dinner at a fancy restaurant. We went to the Canyon Chop House, a place that apparently has been around for a couple of years, but I had never heard of before. The menu was supplied by mostly local companies and quite a bit of it was organic. Therefore, I pigged out without feeling too guilty. The food was great and I got to try a new beer that I'd never had before. Young's Chocolate Stout. Excellent. It was like drinking a milk shake. Made for adults. It was nice to try some place new that I probably would never go on my own. Much too pricey.

Saturday I spent a large part of the day working on a series of illustrations I'm doing as part of my year-end mix:

I only have three done and need to finish 18 more. By Christmas.

Then, tonight I joined Ann and Dylan and Liz and Doug at Coopersmith's to celebrate Doug's last day in the Air Force. Which was Friday.

So, a full and fun weekend is complete and I am so not ready to go back to work tomorrow.

Oh. And the 'Hawks won on Saturday. I knew you were dying to find out the results of the game:


a little a.d.d. never hurt anyone

So, this is what I've been doing instead of working. For the past, oh, thirty minutes. I must stop now. Don't look at me like that, it's for a good cause. Plus, I didn't take a lunch today, so this is it.

Try it out for yourself. If you dare.

i hate wednesdays

I decided to go climbing last night in spite of the bad ankle. I know that you're thinking I'm an idiot, but the doctor said I could, so there. This morning I'm thinking that maybe doctors don't know what the hell they're talking about.

So, my ankle hurts and I had one of those mornings where I tried to shave with the shampoo and eat lemon dill spices instead of my multivitamin.

Have I said how much I hate Wednesdays?


this is just sad

We should've won by a lot more than 10 points. But as my friend Derek says, 'A W is still a W.' So, I guess I'll take it. Damn Sports Illustrated.

In other news, my ankle is doing a lot better. I went bouldering on Sunday and while that was a little painful, I managed to eke out an hour without hurting myself too badly. Then I rode yesterday, had to get back on that horse you know, and managed to make it to work and back again without eating it.


the season's over

When I was at the doctor's office last night, I saw that Sports Illustrated made the horrible, unforgivable, they-shall-burn-in-hell sin of putting KU on their cover a couple of weeks ago. Not only did they make that egregious error, but they predicted that we will win the championship in March.

We're doomed.

If you are unaware of the Sports Illustrated jinx, I'll just say that every time SI does this, the nice, unsuspecting team they commit this heinous act of aggression towards ends up having their worst season ever.

Why SI? Why? Why do you hate us so? What did we ever do to you? Why couldn't you have picked on North Carolina? Or Florida?

Thanks for nothing.

And, here's proof that it's already begun:

on the dl (again)

So, let me put it out there right up front that we all know I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, right? I realize this, yet it doesn't stop me from putting into action some of my less than stupid ideas. Ideas like biking to work. Now, I'm sure you're thinking that biking to work isn't stupid, quite the opposite in fact, right? It gives you exercise, saves gas, easier on the enviroment, etc. etc. However, let me give you a little background so you can decide for yourself whether or not I was stupid yesterday.

On Tuesday we, like much of the rest of the country, got a ton of snow. It started at about 2p and kept falling until about 10a on Wed. I rode to work Tuesday morning because the weather people said the snow wouldn't start until after midnight. Well, as per usual, they were wrong. But, even though Ann offered me a ride in her four-door, four-wheel chariot, I decided to suck it up and bike back home. Mostly because I didn't want to have to deal with getting my bike home at some later point. Nothing momentous occured beyond my deraileur freezing up by the time I got to the mailbox, so I had to walk my bike up to the house from there. But, no big, the house is 25 yards from the mailbox. A five-year-old child could do it.

So I didn't ride on Wed. because the roads were too messy. And same with Thursday. When Friday rolled around, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to ride, come hell or high water. And in spite of Nikki telling me that it probably wasn't such a good idea. Everything went swimmingly. I took it kinda slow, trying to stay mainly in the snowy parts so I would have some traction. I was on campus, taking a left hand turn on a road that seemed perfectly clear, and wham! before I knew it, I was on my back in the middle of the intersection with my bike still hooked to my left foot. Usually, I can get my foot unclipped from the pedal before I actually hit the ground. Or they just come out on their own. For some reason, not this time.

Now, know that for the past three winters, I've ridden almost every day, regardless of the road conditions and haven't had any problems. For some reason that I can't figure out, yesterday was different.

So I unclipped, stood up and realized that something was wrong with my ankle. I stood there trying to decide whether to go on or turn around and head back home. Either way I would have to ride, so I finally figured it would be best to just go to work. It didn't hurt that bad. I was fine. Really. Uh, yeah. As the day wore on, it started to hurt more and more and so when Nikki called and offered to come get me and give me a ride home, I accepted. After a minor bit of hemming and hawing and her telling me I was an idiot.

Luckily, the doc thought that it's just sprained, not broken, so I limped back home and popped a bunch of Advil® and went to bed.

It still kinda hurts this morning, although not nearly as badly as it did last night. Unfortunately, I think the snowshoe trip I had planned for today is out. The doc said that it probably will hurt for the next six weeks. Fun! The good news? She did say that I can still boulder, I just have to downclimb instead of jumping.

I don't know what's up with me lately. I know I'm accident prone, and probably one of the clutziest people on the planet, but c'mon. Three injuries in the past six months? Two of them to the same appendage? It's not right.


bored? try this

So, if you're bored today and need something to do, watch this video. Richard Simmons is almost always funny (and by that I mean sort of like when you see someone trip is funny - because other people's pain is the cause of much knee slapping enjoyment) just by himself. When David Letterman gets a hold of him? Hilarious.

And, I have one question: that dude is like 85 years old, right? Why the hell is he still appearing in public in a tank top and short shorts? It's baffling.