the writing of the words

Dylan is out of town on a skydiving trip with his friend Pete, so I was sans climbing partner last night. I contemplated going to the gym and bouldering—it's what we did on Tuesday and I actually had a lot of fun—but then I got a small freelance job and decided to use that as an excuse to go directly home after work.

I also needed some time to try and up my word count on my novel. I'm not going to be able to write much this weekend, and I'm still behind so I needed to get some words down.

I'm happy to say that I got to 12,195. Which, to me, sounds like a crapload of words. But when you look at the number of pages they fill up, it's not so many. Only 32. It's daunting really. I don't know how anyone does this year-round. I'm exhausted and it's only Week Two. Plus, I'm really, really sick of both of my characters and want to kick them both in the nuts.

I have some idea of what's in store for the protaganist, and I'm anxious to get there, but I'm trying not to rush it too much. Otherwise, I won't have all 50,000 words. Which is the whole point. Right?


Ann said...

I guess it goes without saying that Ann has fallen off the planet and will probably never climb again. Oh god. I'm sorry. For you and me. Of the writing of words: So, what's your novel ABOUT? Would it help to talk about it? Maybe we blog readers of yours could CONTRIBUTE via our strong opinions on your protagonist? Or maybe you should blog less and write more? No don't do that. I like your blog. I sooooo wanted a Friday night this evening. Instead I worked 6 hrs at PVL and 6 at COI and now I'm at home trying to wind down. Maybe it's time for some t.v., hmmm?

craptastic said...

i guess i didn't even think to ask you if you wanted to climb since you hate the gym so much.

i'm not telling anyone what it's about until i decide whether it's going anywhere.

sorry. i'm nervous about sharing. 'cause it most likely sucks.

i'm sorry you have to work so much.

Ann said...

Thanks! And now I have to work Sunday. I tried to call you but your phone went straight to VM. I thought I'd try again tomorrow. This can't go on. And don't worry about not sharing--I totally understand. I just was offering, in case it would be helpful. I'm experiencing being alone and I'm discovering that the writing of words is more--way more--important than when I have someone to orally verbalize to regularly. Wow. If I lived alone I might even have a blog!

craptastic said...

boo. with the working.

i think you should get a blog regardless. they're fun.