a tad disappointed, i am

Last night, we went to see The Decemberists play at The Paramount in Denver. I have been looking forward to this show for a very long time, and while it was good, we all ended up being a little disappointed. For, you see, Mr. Meloy has a really, really bad cold. He joked about the Craken being released, and that's a good analogy for how bad he sounded. So, while he struggled to hit the high notes despite a cracking voice and what was obviously a very sore throat, he just couldn't do it for very long. They only played for an hour. Well, not even really, about 55 minutes.

And, I have to say that their performance, was way less, well, exuberant than I had imagined it would be. The songs they did perform for us were good, mostly from their latest effort obviously, but they did do July, July and We Both Go Down Together. Two of my favorites. Although I would've rather they had played Red Right Ankle and Shiny. The crowd was mostly sympathetic and didn't complain too loudly about the quality of his voice nor the shortness of the show. They were even excited enough to spontaneously burst into group, rhythmic clapping. Not just once, but several times. Nothing disturbs me more than the group that is clapping to a beat. It makes me anxious, nervous and sweaty. I think largely because I am super uncoordinated and if I try to clap along, I always screw it up and look foolish, but there's also a sort of underlying mob current that runs through a crowd that is joined in a singular activity, and it gives me the creeps. Plus, I think it sort of ruins the songs and turns the concert more into a sporting event with cheerleaders than a musical endeavor.

Anyway, it was still a good show, and I enjoyed it, but I wish he hadn't been so sick because it probably would've been an entirely different experience. I guess he played in Minneapolis right before Denver and was throwing up the entire time he was on stage. So, at least we didn't have to witness that.

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