let me hear a 'hell yeah'

I've been thinking a lot since I woke up on Wednesday morning about why I'm not more disappointed about the results of the recent elections. Many of the local issues did not go the way I wanted them to, and everyone keeps asking me why I'm not more pissed about it all. (Ok. Well two people asked me why I wasn't more upset, but it sounded way better to pretend it was everyone.)

I have decided that it is thus:
• SO MANY people showed up to the polls. Not nearly as many as could've, but still. It was a record turnout for a midterm election. People cared enough to voice their opinion. It shows they are sick of the current administration and want something done. Not that Bush is likely to listen, but maybe it's a sign for the big election in '08.
• Coupled with the fact that more young people than ever before voted this time around gives me hope for the future of our country.
• The Democrats won back Congress. Both Houses. I'm simply shocked and amazed by this. Maybe they can loosen the idiot king's deathgrip on this country. The system of checks and balances is back in place. One party rule of our country is no longer an issue. Hopefully, there won't be a lot of bipartisan bickering as a result and they can get some things done. Like ending this tragic, stupid, senseless war we're embroiled in.
• More than anything, it has renewed my faith in the American public. I had very low thoughts about the majority of people that occupy this country after '04, and now, I'm more hopeful that they won't let the idiots destroy us entirely.

So. I have a renewed feeling of love for the place I call home. See world, we're at least trying to fix our mistakes.

And, it doesn't hurt that ol' Rummy was forced to resign and is no longer in a position of power. May boils erupt on his ass and make it very, very painful for him to sit down ever again.

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