it's the end of days

Rumsfeld resigned? WTF? I can't believe it. Look at how sad he looks. Right now he's afraid of what Satan's gonna do to him, once he finally makes it down to Hell. He's probably in Karl Rove's office, licking his boots (and various other things that shall not be named) hoping for absolution.

I'm maybe a little too giddy about it. Should I feel bad for him? No. No I shouldn't.

The Democrats won the House, and it looks like most likely the Senate? I can't stand it. It's like the feeling you got as a kid when you had discovered one of your Christmas presents a couple of days before, and then the day of you couldn't wait to get downstairs to open it for real so you could start playing with it immediately.

Last night I had mixed emotions about the results of the elections here in Colorado. We elected a Democratic Governor, which is great; most of our U.S. House seats that were up for grabs went to Democrats; unfortunately, Satan's stranglehold on northeastern Colorado is still too strong, and Marilyn Musgrave got voted back into office. The nice thing is that since the Democrats are now in control of Congress, her unholy power will be weakened somewhat. Seriously. Somewhere along the way, that woman signed her soul over to the devil, I mean Karl Rove, I mean the devil.

Also unfortunately, here in Colorado we're still afraid of the gays and marijuana, but I didn't expect the outcome to be any different than it was, so I wasn't too disappointed there. I think it was too much to ask for that the Republicans in this state would be able to handle two extremely liberal issues in one election. Next time, Democrats, you should space them out some.

All in all I'm fairly ecstatic about the final results. Take that Bush.

I heart election time.

p.s. If Condie becomes Secretary of Defense I'm gonna vomit.


Kris said...

I have to say it is a wonderful day!
Ding Dong the moron is DEAD!
At least now we can start to move forward and get away from all the narrow minded thinking!

craptastic said...

right on.

and in ks, jim ryun was actually defeated by a democrat, as was phil kline. oh happy day.

it's kind of shocking.

Ann said...

You're a little happier than I'm feeling about this. I'm super depressed that Coloradoans felt the need to put a definition of marriage in the CONSTITUTION.

craptastic said...

i don't think it belongs there either, but the majority of not just the state, but the country disagrees with us, and that's the downside of living in a democratic country - most times you don't get what you want.

i think it's amazing that a record number of people showed up at the polls, from all parties. a record number of young people showed up also, which is encouraging for the future of our country.

i just love to see that people actually wanted their voices heard, and decided that voting was a way to accomplish that.

no matter the outcome, it's great that people cared enough to show up. it's the only way a democracy can work.