insomnia sucks

I woke up Saturday morning at 5.5a in spite of not getting to bed until almost 1a. So, after lying there for a while angry and pissed off, trying vainly to get back to sleep, I finally decided to just suck it up and get out of bed. I put my game face on, attempting to be optimistic about these trying times by looking at it as more hours to work on the ol' novel, but I was secretly really mad about not getting enough sleep. Insomnia is insidious and sneaky and evil and creates a vicious cycle of too little sleep, then too much caffeine so you can get through the day, then too little sleep—most likely because you had too much caffeine, etc.

After spending much of the morning writing I decided that I should go be a little active, hoping that physical exhaustion would lead to the ability to sleep last night. So, you'll be extremely proud of me, I actually went to the gym and bouldered. By myself. And the 18-year-olds weren't too scary and judgmental. Or maybe they were, but I chose to remain oblivious.

Last night, my friend Paul and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine at the cheap theater, and I have to say that you have to go see this movie. I know it's probably not playing at too many places any longer, but if it is, get there as quickly as you possibly can. You know the joke, 'I laughed, I cried' when people are making fun of their movie-going experience? Well, in this case it was true. I was doubled over laughing loudly more times than I can count. And there were some seriously sad moments too. Nothing that made me cry, really, because I'm way too manly for that, but they did tug at the ol' heart strings. I won't say too much more about it, because I think it's one of those movies that is better when you don't know too much about it beforehand. I will say this though, it was extremely well-written and offered quite a few surprises that I didn't predict. Not something I can usually say about cinema.

A definite must see.

Oh. And I went to bed last night at 11p and woke up at 3.5a this morning. So, my plan failed. Probably time for some Simply Sleep®.

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