i did it

It's done. Finito. Finished.

Last night I pounded out 3,000+ words and got past 50,000. In spite of Heroes being on.

I posted it. They counted it, and now I'm officially a Nanowrimo winner.

I kind of don't know what to do with myself. It consumed almost a month of my nights and quite a few of my days, and there's sort of a big, gaping hole where it was.

Guess I can always fill it with television.


dylan said...

Hear hear! Congrats!

How do you feel about your work now? Do you never want to see it again, or feel like maybe returning after a break to work on it more?

craptastic said...


i think that i will come back to it after a month or two and see if i think it's worth fixing. i like the premise of the story, but i think most of the actual writing is fairly weak.

but that's what happens when you try to write 50,000 words in one month. some time spent developing, reworking, adding would probably be a good thing.

Ann said...

Congrats! Should I admit I didn't think you'd do it?! :)

craptastic said...

yeah it's ok. i didn't think i would either.